Getting around the "square gate"

I started playing on a Tekken 5 Hori Stick a couple weeks ago, and I was wondering if anyone had any tips about getting around the corners of the square gate, as far as doing qcf’s, especially having to do double qcf’s quickly in 3S… Or even for links, such as Ken’s c. mk -> Shippu. Thx.

The trick is that you don’t have to go all the way into the corner to register your df input. I may take some time, but you will eventually find the “sweet spot,” where your input will register. The stick also makes dp inputs easier, since you can go f, d, and then lock it into the corner for df.

So if I were to move the stick along that sweet spot twice, it would still register as two qcf’s? If so, then that’s exactly what I’m hoping for.

While in training mode today, it did get a lot better for me, but I’ll be sure to try and find that sweet spot. Thx for your help! :tup:

I think the sweet spot is when you hear both of the switches click. It takes practice, hell, I’m still learning it, but like septimus prime said, dp’s are are easy as pie on a square gate. I happen to like the square gate a lot better then the octagonal, since the throw is a lot shorter, and every thing just feels tighter. I also feel that charge moves and supers are also easier on a square gate imo, cause of the shortened throw.

I have a somewhat similar question, I’m getting a HRAP3 in this week and I know it has a square gate. However, I am a Tekken player - is the square gate better for Tekken? Or should I get an octagonal gate. It sounds like the square one would be best since I play Mishimas and I do a lot of DP motions for wavedashing and the like. But, what about inputting d/b comands like in the backdash cancel or inputs where you have to put in d/f twice like Anna’s elbow throw. The rounded edges would seem pretty weird.

getting around the square gate?

nice pun


:rofl: Ok, no pun intended.

I hear Myoungshin Fanta sticks are the best for Mishima players. You just have to break the stick in if its brand new.

there are no round edges on the square gate. finding diagonals is a lot easier on squares.

ps for DPs, you can hold down, then hit down forward twice. thats what i miss about my squares :stuck_out_tongue:

Only in 3S.

sorry, forgot to add that :x