Getting back into 3s

I been busy with work n school and haven’t been able to play 3s in over a year i used to have 1 of the best oros n a decent ken but i’m just not feeling it like i used to i easily got back into kof n hf2 but i’m having alotta trouble getting reaquainted with 3s. I wanna start using akuma for the simple fact that he’s VERY underrated and if u got zoning/kara skills u can easily hang with the best ken or chun so i guess i have to start from the beginning again so any basic strats/bread n butter combos that srk can give me would be appreciated n then after i get comfortable with him n get the basics down kara raging demon help would be nice.

…I’ll be stuck i ntraining mode for a while before i get back on xbl lol.

well, you probably know the good shoto pokes.

bnbs - > lk tatsu > hp srk > mk tatsu > mp srk > hk tatsu

sa1 - xx sa1 xx sa1 xx sa1

mp srk xx sa1 (good anti air, altho sa1 alone is good anti air too) x2 xx sa1

When I play I just go for the knockdown, and pressure them on wake up. Mixup is pretty important for akuma, so make sure you are using low mk > tatsu combos, f+mp/UOH, kara throws, tick throws etc. demon flip can really keep the pressure on, but use it sparingly against characters with good anti air (shotos). applying pressure in general is good, so keep poking at them when you are up close, especially with moves linkable to super. when you are trying to get close, air fireball is obviously one of your safer ways, but being able to play solid footsies, and just having a good ground game in general shouldn’t be underestimated. also, learn some of the easier demon setups just so its a threat (wakeup, crossup, dash, tick kara) good luck buddy

I can’t consistanly land the 2nd bnb u listed i get it like 80% the time are there any more bnb’s?

Also can u list some more advanced combos/strats and what are his safe pokes/abusables? cuz i realize rushdown is the name of akumas game.

wtf is a tick/kara throw? and can u be specific about the easy demon setups?

sa1 does more damage by itself as opposed to being used in a small combo therefore it’s only useful in large combos where i can do buckets of damage so can u list some for me?

Can i get a link to a vid showing typically how he should be used? what are his good n bas MU’s?

thx for all the help appreciate it.

Help yourself

Thats really all there is man. They do great damage. obviously you can switch our for all his cancelable normals, but really it all comes down to the all mighty hurricane.

well, ive given you the basic jist of what to do already. from there i would just watch match vids, and learn your matchups. as far good pokes…,,,, mostly things that can link to super

im not really sure what you mean by abuseables, but i assume moves you use a lot? obviously air fb, hurricane on most characters, kara throws, and those normals

oh jeez. well, tick kara throw is just hitting them with quick normals so they block, and then doing a kara throw. so like, you do a, then kara throw.

easy demon setups…

wakeup demon (do the input while you are waking up so the demon comes out right away)

cross over demon (jump over opponent and do the input as you land so demon comes out right when you land. can proly be kara’d)

dash demon (dash and press the jabs during the dash so the demon comes out when you are done dashing. most likely need to kara if you dash back)

tick kara demon (same as tick kara throw except you do a demon instead. kara demon input is lp, lp, f+mp, lk, fp. you do the jabs while your tick move is coming out. moves to tick with include lk,,,, lp :rofl: something to remember is if you are doing a tick kara demon, you need to hold fierce while you are pressing the jabs or else they come out)

dont bother with the true kara until you have all these down, and really not until you have everything else down with akuma.

what are you talking about? large combos like bnb > sa1 reduce the hell out of the sa1’s damage. the best ways to use it are with easy to hit confirm normals. a > sa1 does awesome damage. thats something i abuse

there are video threads, so just look some stuff up. mimic jap players. matchups you need to know about are

yang, chun, yun (not that bad if you keep him on the ground)

dudley (as long as you aren’t flying more than an airplane), Urien

I didn’t bother listing low tiers because its pretty obvious you’ll rape them. I personally handle shotos pretty well. also worth mentioning is akuma is extra vulnerable to makotos stun combos. one lucky guess and you’re done for, but other than that its a pretty even matchup. there are a lot of character specific threads already and i suggest checking them all out. especially yang stuff.

np gl mate :wink:

As for mixups, I’ve been testing the jab reset cross-under. Basically it’s low forward (or any cancellable normal that isn’t cl. fp) x short tatsu. It’s an okay demon setup, but I’d rather go for two low shorts or something. It works on Dudley, Chunli, Alex, and I THINK Q. It’s easiest on Chun but I haven’t mastered the timing for the other characters yet.

Also late cancel hyakkishus are great feints if you’re opponent is defensive.

Since i started this thread i have been in training mode at least an hour everyday and akuma has soo many mixup options it’s ridiculous i went from akuma-scrub to being smewhat proficient pretty fast cuz it all comes down to how fast u can do the inputs (keep in mind i don’t have a stick yet and am still using the standard xbox controller:sad:) Heres a list of some things i can do at will:

demon setups:
st rh
c rh (must be blocked)
f+mp (i don’t think this is kara i jus do the chop n in the early frames i cancel into demon)
parry (i parried the last hit of ken’s sa2 into demon once!)
dash kara this is the only thing i can’t do it might be cuz i’m using an xbox controller but I JUST CAN’T DO IT CONSITANTLY AT MOST I CAN ONLY DO IT HALF THE TIME:sad: when i get a stick will it be easier or is it just me???

sh tatsu lp sa1
mini infinite AKA scrubby pressure string dive kick c mk sh tatsu hp srk repeat
parry tatsu sa1
jump in any tatsu sa1 or demon???

c mk sh tatsu hp srk
c sh demonflip throw
c hk tatsu
redball sa1
c mk sa1

kara throw (somewhat hard to do but when on a stick it will be very easy cuz when i press the buttons on the controller as if i was playng on a stick it comes naturally to me)

Any gameplay tips or techniques not listed that should be? i feel i am proficient yet i don’t know how often n when i should utilize the demonflip fakeout throw/divekick and how often should i throw air fireballs? the only time i evr use them is to zone in closer to my opponent and use it for pressure for example: air fireball then c lk is that how it should be used? and i find urien is a GREAT matchup cuz urien players for some reason have a very hardtime parrying my tastsu combos and i get raped by decent oro’s alot…WTF MY OWN GUY:sad: personally i feel akuma is a guesing game type character n thats how i use him.

You think Chun-Li is a particularly bad matchup for Akuma? Why, may I ask? Chun lacks the anti-air necessary to counter demon flip mixups, leaving her particularly vulnerable to Akuma’s mixup game. Sure, it’s not an even matchup, but it’s definitely not bad like Yang.

Uhh…yeah, like Yang or Yun have reliable anti-air either. Senkyuutai gets eaten by any divekick, same with Nishou. It’s all about the priority and poke damage. And comeon, it’s Chun. A lucky D+MK and half your life bar is gone.

Sure, it’s not ENTIRELY in her favour, but she just does so much damage in so little time. I agree, it’s not as bad a matchup as the twins though, but she’s still a bitch to play against, IMHO.

stand lp and are annoyances when using a late demon flip dive. you can demon flip throw them, but one good guess and you are grounded and at the range where chun dominates. she has her basic anti shoto stuff(far hk link SA2, crouch mk, high priority stuff all around) and you can’t do air fireballs wen she has meter unless you’re full screen away. overall, she is pretty annoying for gouki.

i actually think that yun and chun are annoying for gouki; but yang is a nightmare.

So you’re Blood n style :rofl: I was wondering who sent me that fr.

First thing - get a stick. I don’t think its good for you to be playing using that xbl pad. I used it for a day and went out and got a ps2 converter the next day.

Apart from that just keep playing. Play against good players who can punish you for mistakes and force you to play smart.

Pherai just posted a ton of useful info so deffo try and get all that down.

And one other important thing which I find myself telling more and more people (specially ones who play XBL) - learn to hit confirm and NEVER use lk tatsu or risky specials outside punishment situations.

I’m sorry guys I’m sure it’s been asked alot, but as far as kara throws/demons go does this only apply to the Japense version of 3rd strike? Console or Arcade? I’ve seen kara throw videos and tried numerous times in training mode with the US version of 3s on ps2…

works on every mode as far as i know. definitely works on both american and japanese arcade, ps2, and xbox. dont see why it wouldn’t work on dreamcast

heh that’s odd, maybe it’s just harder to pull off than I thought on the ps2, I don’t even know how many times I tried to pull it off even just once to confirm its validity. I’m speaking of kara throw not just demon, I haven’t had a chance to try the kara demon yet. Is there some sort of trick to kara throw that isn’t explained in the video? It seemed fairly straight forward to me…thanks for the reply pherai

Not really, it’s simply pressing f+mp~lp+lk. Basically f+mp comes out and the throw cancels out the initial frames to give its added range. Try pressing f+mp+lp+lk all at the same time, as that might actually work sometimes lol.

what does c means??(


Why is Yang such a problem for Akuma? I keep seeing that Yang is his worst matchup. Yesterday I played a very patient and proficient Yang who did give me lots of trouble but I wasn’t sure exactly what the challenge was.
One thing I was curious about was the best way to punish a mantis fist combo if its blocked. Is he safe if he only does one or two slashes? How about super reversal or a tatsu or something. Most of the time this guy was doing them at a bit of a distance. I didn’t experiment much for fear of eating yet another manits fist combo though.

Also, Pherai, I’m still having trouble with Dudley. Seeing you list him as one of two characters which should be a piece of cake for Akuma players makes me think I missed something in your previous recommendations given in the general Akuma info thread. Could you give a few reasons why Duds is so outmatched?

2 ex slash combos = stun and each combo sets up another 50/50