Getting back into it. Need recommendations

So I haven’t played in a while but just had knee surgery so now I got more time on my hands. I just bought SSF4 and am loving it.

I had this built a while back…

I want a stick for the PS3. Yes I know I can use an adapter but I try to baby my Byrdo stick.

I was looking at the the SSF4 TE stick by Madcatz. What’s the consensus on these? Black or white? Hard to tell which looks better from the pics.

Is there another stick to look at in this price range? I’m not trying to spend a fortune again.

Thanks everyone.

Oh… And this is how I ended up in the operating room


Hrap 3 SA , or hrap 3 then get 6-8 sanwa buttons for it. hori > madcatz, though I like the look of the TE more than the hrap, but hori is by far better build and pcb quality, hear a lot of pcb problems and all from madcatz, hardly any from hori

go for the HRAP SA, if you can’t find any around your area then go for the TE. and sorry about your knee. i bet they have you some hardcore painkillers for your knee:wgrin: LOL .

I disagree, I actually think you should try both the HRAP3 and TE then choose which you like better. There was a pcb problem with roundhouse on the original TE sticks, but I think that has been fixed in newer batches.

The TE comes with all Sanwa parts right? I do like the look of it better.

Amazon has the hrap3 for like $300 which is more than I had in mind. Is there a better place to find this?

I’m leaning towards the TE. Especially since some of the local Gamestops carry them.

Thanks. if you trust them has hrap 3 sa and hrap 3

you might want to avoid gamestop unless you want to pay in cash.
There are better deal for the TE stick. amazon and dell just had one for TE stick for less than or around $100. You can wait a few days or a week for the evo deals from mad catz store.

I’ve been doing some more research and it seams like the consensus is ray te Round 1 and Round 2 sticks have a better build. Do you guys agree? I like the look of the round 2 stick.


Should I get the Black Round 2 or the new TE-S?
I’ve heard that the older ones have better build quality.
Any opinions?

TE-S is super nice, IMO. I thought I would hate the slimmer design, but I love it. It’s only slightly smaller, but still perfect for lap play, and it doesn’t have those end bezels to interfere with the color scheme of you artwork if you switch it out sometime down the road.