Getting back into the game...but can't decide who to main


I used to play Street Fighter and fighting games a whole lot a year ago, but then I took a break. A long break. Now I’m a bit rusty, but I’m getting back into the grove… better than before since I can pull off the Shoryuken movement more consistently than I’ve ever had before.

But while my old mains were Ken and Zangief… my skills are dulled to the point where there’s no real obvious choice now. I’m can play most characters but I’m just too picky to try and settle on one so that I can main it.

So is there any tips, or suggestions that’ll help my indecisive mind just settle down on a main?

Edit: Just to clarify, I’m not looking for someone to choose a main for me. Just for a way to help me find one.


Which character do you like the most? Play that one.


Like I said, I’m indecisive. I like plenty of the characters, but there just isn’t a clear character that I like the most overall. xD


Keep playing, you dont find your main your main finds you!


Play until you find someone that clicks.
Or think about what kind of way you like to play and then pick a character you think suits that way of play.


Echoing Bypostman above, instead of looking for a character maybe find a style of play that suits you best. Start with the most obvious similarity in your previous characters (Ken and Zangief) playstyles, both can be played very aggressive. Perhaps look into rushdown or pressure centered characters?


Play whoever gives you the most wins.



To be perfectly honest you wont get anywhere having other people tell you who to play. The first step to street fighter enlightenment is to choose your own weapon. A decision that can only be made for oneself /confucius


obviously true, but if he doesnt even know that a “sword” can cut and a “whip” cant, how is he supposed to choose the correct weapon? :slight_smile:
He first needs to test out the waters by just trying characters out. It’s perfectly fine to tell him to pick a top tier, usually these are easy to pick up and “safe” in terms of their move sets. He wont get anything from trying out deejay and dan for his first characters.