Getting back into the joystick scene. Need direction on where to purchase a stick


Hey everyone,

I’m not sure if anyone remembers, but I used to be the lead tech at (modource). I have customized and modded many user sticks on SRK. I recently picked back up SSF4 and I want to make a custom joystick. Im looking for a wooden box. Preferably, a web site that has them in stock and ships fast.

Also, are the new street fighter fight sticks (black ones) at gamestop any good? I see that they are $129. Do they still have legit Sanwa parts?

Thanks for the info!


In your in the US, Lizard Lick is a good place to start looking. I am very happy with the quality of service I get from that site.

  1. All Madcatz TE sticks have Sanwa Parts. Yes, they are flippin awesome.

  2. Just a few Foe Hammer DIY cases left. Chad at LL is fast on shipping, has pretty cheap prices, and good customer service. Bank on that.

  3. Have one of the stick builders here make you a custom. These are obviously are going to run for more than $130, but their work is exceptional.

#4 and are great websites to purchase parts from. I’ve purchased from both and they were both top notch.