Getting Back into the Swing of Things

So I don’t know about anyone else, but after awhile, I sort of get tired of playing SSF4AE. I don’t know what it is either. Sometimes I just get frustrated by losing a lot (I know that’s on me); other times I just don’t want to sit down and practice combos or my footsies. I just sort of got bored at the game.

The weird thing is, I still check SRK every day, and I still like to read up on changes and what’s happening in the scene. But when I get home from work or school (and I have some free time) I just let my arcade stick collect dust and I’ll go play some TF2 or watch some TV. I just lost the drive to get better at the game. Sometimes I think about heading to my local arcade (FFA) and messing around so I can get hungry to win again, but the only people there are so good that I enter rounds like I’m free and I just wind up wasting money on a game that I can play for free at home.

I’m sure I’m not the only person on SRK to go through something like this. I mean, I really do enjoy playing Street Fighter. If a friend has it set up at his house, I’m always down to play. But at the end of the day, I just can’t motivate myself to play anymore.

So, what do you do to get back into SF after you’ve gotten a bit tired of it. For that matter, does anyone even get tired of it? lol

P.S. My bad if this thread needs to get moved. I thought about posting it in the newbie dojo, but I felt this was a better place for it.

P.P.S. No one’s accused me of it, and I doubt anyone will, but I just want to say this isn’t me being emo and looking for support. I just figured it might be cool to make a thread to get some suggestions and likeminded individuals together.

I have never gotten tired of Street Fighter. I wish that I was playing right now.

There’s no easy solution, I don’t think. What helps me when I get a bit bored is hitting up an endless lobby with a bunch of friends and just playing with them.

I think that’s part of the problem. A lot of the friends that I used to play with either don’t have XBL anymore or just don’t play SF. So it’s just me against a faceless xbl army of 3F invincible shoryukens. =P

@woodenTEETH: suuuuper jealous. Because it’s not like I don’t enjoy playing. It’s just that as soon as I want to, I start focusing on losing and all the training I have to do to get my 1F and 2F links down and then I just get discouraged from playing. cry cry cry

Well, I don’t have a fulltime job atm, just working evenings and a bit here and there + job hunting. So now and then I get a couple of days where I can play a whole bunch of sf4 and sometimes I just get really tired of it. Usually it works to just play a different genre of games for a while (I’m currently playing a couple of RPG’s for this exact reason) or watch movies or just whatever else that isn’t playing fighting games.

Something else that works for me is to just play endless, and play a lot of other characters that aren’t my main/subs. I really enjoy playing a lot of different characters, so it’s a lot of fun to just play a bit less serious. Now, I have a lot of trouble sticking with one character, so I can play quite a few half-decent by now, but just fooling around and not taking it super serious is usually good if you are getting burned out by the game.

Now and then I also just completely drop it for a month or more, but then I eventually get back due to watching a tournament/a lot of youtube matches or whatever that gets me motivated again.

Yeah I know what you mean. I love playing the game, I mean I can go on for hours and hours playing the game, but just thinking about sitting in training mode and practicing my combos/links/execution REALLY makes me not want to play sometimes (even though I need to practice…a lot). Just power on through it. Normally when I get into training mode, I can notice an improvement, and it makes practicing not so bad :).

First person shooters give you an easier relief when you’re bored, they’re designed for simple people to think like they’re earning rewards from playing, whether it be a badge in game or a new weapon, since there’s always something you can actually aim for in the game without having to make up your own goals.

If you look at a fighting game, you’ll see at least 20+ different “classes” and dozens of options, I thought we would never ever have 2v2 like in Tekken for example, so you’re not always playing against your friends. Fighting games are just like a fine wine, you don’t mature as fast over time so you need to stay patient or sell out early.

Basically if you get bored of Street Fighter then either take a break or make a new goal, I’m always learning a new character so that I can understand different styles and hopefully find just one character to stick with.


I often take a break from the game or just my character (T. Hawk), but I always go back to SSF4 more excited than ever. Nothing wrong with a break as long as you’re not breaking more than you’re paying :wink:

Its been said but taking a break is a good idea for anything that is getting stale to you. Go play/do something else while and one day you’ll see a new video that inspires you to play again. Then when you lose you can blame it on being rusty!

Thanks for all the good posts. I’m not gonna lie, it’s made me want to go play. :rofl: And I think that part of the problem is expecting too much from the game. In other words, it would be unrealistic to sit down after a few months and expect to win 10 matches in a row. At the end of the day, my skill level just isn’t high enough to be able to easily do that. But like you said Poochythedog, even the boring parts make a small improvement. I guess I just need to stop looking at it as a chore but more like something to try a bit and put down once I’m done. And I bet after I do that a few times I’ll get addicted all over again. =P

I was in the same boat as you actually. But I found myself wanting to become better at fighting games in general and I went straight back to playing SSF4:AE. The great thing about fighting games is that you can play at any level with the right people. Let’s say a beginner vs another beginner, it’s actually quite fun. Intermediate vs Intermediate, Advanced vs Advanced, and so on. Just find people that are at your level and a bit above you and you’ll slowly level up your game.