getting back into the swing of things


i’am having some trouble trying to come back into street fighter. Back in the day growing up i played street fighter almost 24/7 and this was when i was in the ages between 7-16 and i would win 90% of the time. after a while i got pretty bored because most of my competition just could not keep up with me so i started to play less and less till i pretty much forgot about the game. well now i’m back after not playing hardcore for 4 years now and needless to say i’m getting my ass stomped and i’m not happy about this one bit. I don’t know what it is maybe the street fighter mechanic has changed or what but i just can’t get back into the swing of things and i’m having a difficult time trying to even make the matches close. any advice that could be given?


U have to understand people who r playing this game have most likely been playing since SF4 came out so for quite a few years, online competition can be very tough when u first start playing the game.

My advice is pick a character learn the mechanic’s of the game, practice some combos, youtube is also ur friend, watch some video tutorials about the game and also the character u decide 2 play with


i have had SF4 since release and even then with all the dumb changes they made. and yeah i think i do need to learn combos now. back then i didn’t know any even at the peak of my gaming career. sounds odd right? all i did was just wait for an opening and punish them with either a 3 hit jab combo followed with upercut or some EX move. but i’m trying to roll with dudely right now having no fireballs seem to be screwing me over tho =/ but i didn’t wanna go back to ryu or ken i see them too much online