Getting back on the horse (video series)


So if been playing on and off for months now and getting worse and worse as time went on because i wasnt taking it seriously but im trying to change that. Going to get my fundamentals in order again and sticking with 2 teams rather then changing em every time i pick the game up again.
The goal is get on a level where i feel i wont be taken out in pools and at least reach top 32 (or 16 depending on the size of the tourney) before i get knocked out and work my way up from there. I might even do Vlogs at that point when im working my way up to go to a tourney.

Some bob / bryan tricks (which i want to make my secondary team) would be appreciated as would feedback, if anyone wants to run a set or wants to have a on mic training session my PSN is Shadowtemari (EU btw)

Starting off with a offline first to 5

PS: Il upload new vids to this thread to keep it all in one place, and dont forget to subscribe if your interested.


New set.