Getting beat by random shoryukens etc

Hey, new to dudley. Training on my combos etc. But i cant seem to beat those random dps coming out all the time in my bracket (300pp xD) Also, how do do footsies with dudley?

Study your FrameData :expressionless:

My personal FrameTrap :

**Kidney Blow **
Adv on block : +3Frames

All Shoryuken Ryu
Stratup : 3Frames

Startup : 5Frames

Kidney Blow -> St.Hk : 2Frames

Break Shoryu’s Startup.

There are two parts to Dudley’s play, mastering either will get you far, mastering both gets you further.

Primary is Fundamentals:
[] Learn to jump forward heavy punch against airborn enemies.
] Get perfect with the medium kick anti-air.
[] Become psychic with standing heavy punch against walking forward or poking fools.
] Learn to use crouching medium kick for counterhit against low attacks (like Ryu’s

Secondary is Techniques:
[] Practice his comboes at least 1 hour every day for months, to program your muscle memory.
] After learning comboes, learn to confirm into a combo whenever you get a hit. Do random block on CPU.
[*] Finally, learn to frame trap. This is an art and you’ll never stop developing new traps. Some of my favorite traps are cr.MP, cr.MP, HK (counterhit against pokes) // f.MK, cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.MP, cr.HK (to catch low attacks after blockstring) // jumpin.MK, cr.HP, cr.MP, cr.HK // f.MK, cr.MP, HK (tighter trap to catch mashers) // jumpin.MK, MK, HK, HP. All frame traps can be turned into DP baits by simply holding back any time during the strings. Mix this up perfectly and you’ll be one annoying dude…

Always get a feel for your opponents mentality by doing a safe string for the first couple of times in a match after your opponent gets an EX-bar. Do for instance only blockstrings like cr.LP, cr.LP, HK for the first few seconds, and stop it after the last cr.LP a few times. If he’s a stupid masher, he’ll DP after your true blockstring and eat a 400 damage combo.

Never commit to a combo or try to reset against idiots. Test them and get one bait on them where they DP you and you block. After that, most people will respect you.

Notice that if they smell blood, i.e your anti-airs are poor, or you’re slipping up on your opportunities when you’re close, they’ll start disrespecting you by mashing DP. Get them to respect you by playing rock solid, and then go into frame traps once you have respect.

Finally, for some reason people almost never DP on their first knockdown from dudley, but instead on their second or third.

lol im another new dudley player i somehow got to rank B, now im just getting trashed. i think the problem is in my execution/hit confirm
do dudley combos requrie you to p-link alot i play on keyboard btw