Getting better answers: Asking for help vs complaining/whining/ranting


First off, I wish the older threads with people pushing for a beginners forum on SRK still existed, and all of the arguments of both side, as to why this forums should or should not exist so you could see how much went into this thing becoming a reality. With that said i think its going alot better so far than alot of people thought it would back then, but there are a few things that i noticed have been annoying people who come in here on the advice offering side of of the table.

  1. Try not to use “Scrub language” in your posts, especially in your titles.
    ex. Calling whatever is giving you trouble cheap Cheesy, or unfair. There is a big difference between new or unskilled and a scrub. Scrubs really irk most of the people on SRK so its better getting help if people browsing the forums aren’t already annoyed at you from your thread title.
    also read this

  2. Don’t blame your losses on the person/people who beat you. Going along with #1 please don’t post saying that whoever is beating you needs to change something they are doing. SRK along with advance level play in just about anything is winning oriented. If someone throws fireballs at you all day and you lose, its not their fault for only using one move, its your fault for losing to one move. Not that people on here aren’t willing to help if you say. “I don’t know how to beat constant fireballs from my opponent” just don’t say “This #*&$ scrub keeps beating me with cheap ass fireballs”. See the difference?

  3. Ask a question
    Its kind of hard to help when your entire opening post is just a rant about something and not asking for information or help in any way.

  4. If your posting with the idea that you’re already right then post in a different forum. There are a bunch of different forums on here for you to post your views if you have no intention of changing your opinions. But if you are posting in the newbie forums you should probably come in with an open mind about the way you play fighting games and be open to making changes.

Things like these are starting to pop up more and more and you can start to see more flaming creeping into this forums and as newbies to fighting games or just SRK you may not even know what you are doing that is irritating other people , or that you are even doing anything that is irritating people, and be wondering why people are coming into your thread angry for no reason.

Its a two way street though and people shouldn’t be coming into the newbie forum to flame anyway but for your part doing these things would probably help.


I must agree with the point you made with the scrub language thing.

Complaining doesn’t ask readers what you want.

I like to describe the situation and then I ask the questions after.


Just yoinked that link from the other thread for anyone who doesn’t go in that one.