Getting better at JDing?

I’m trying to work on my JDing, but I can’t seem to be able to do stuff like JD pokes etc, only projectiles…

So i’m wondering how I can work/build up the skill to do that?

JD after you wiff moves… either intentionally or by mistake.

haha, option select jd…too bad it’s not like option select parry :stuck_out_tongue:

as for jd’ing pokes, it’s all about practicing with people, and know what kind of stuff is done all the time. for example, if you jd a jump in…if it’s a deep jd and you can’t throw them, just do a low jd cause they’ll poke you a couple of times for sure. Like if you’re playing against bision, if you jd a deep jp.rh, they’re going to poke you with cr.lp a couple of times.

Basically learn the poke strings people do, and just jd away and wait for a chance to punish in between.

Just anticipate the attack and JD it, then work on some chains, it all comes from guessing when the person will attack you and thats when you JD it. You can also work on multihit combos that people might do, like c.forwardXX fireball, etc. Then you work on your multihit supers, specials, etc.

Just remember, its about timing for multihit supers (Chun Li’s kick super’s timing is faster than Ryu’s Shinkuu Hadouken)

And its anticipation on other htis, all you need is practice.

Does anyone here play speed 3 AND 4?

I need to know if the timing for JDing Faster supers Like Chun and Ken and Even Sagat’s Tiger Geno is substantially different between the two. I play speed 4 and I realise the whole world’s playing speed 3 so…If I muck up Jding too fast I’ll be quite sad.

I know I’m asking the obvious, but what I’m really asking is, will i get used to it in a warm up match, or is it something i really have to prepare for.

don’t jd jump ins! anti air instead.

jd is great but don’t get crazy with it. you’ll find yourself getting thrown a lot.

Dont JD projectiles as much, because alot of ppl just use slow projectiles to bait you into JD so they can rush you or throw. Only JD projectiles if you dont see your opponent jump or run at you, also just JD projectiles if your gaurd crush is pretty low. And dont gamble with JD only use it when you can sense an attack. Dont look for JD for it will come to you when you can predict your opponent.