Getting better


Hello people,
I’ve recently picked up fighting games and rapidly grew to love them. Started with Marvel but then moved on to AE and really started liking that. I usually play with a close group of friends and have never really ventured to play online that much. I’ve gotten pretty good with a few characters (Rufus, Rose, Ryu) and can do some pretty simple combos that get the job done for me. I play on a PS3 pad and that’s just fine for me though I have thought of making the transition to a stick.
My problem is that I get stuck when my friend 50/50s me with either DP or grab. What I mean is that when he is playing his usual characters (Cammy/Adon) and he gets a knock down, all he has to do is set up a cross up (which I can usually block) and then he either grabs or does a DP. I’m pretty sure that there is a simple way to get out of this set up but it has been giving me a lot of trouble. What I try to do is hold back and grab at the same time because I vaguely recall hearing that if you time that correctly it option selects into either a tech or a block in case of a DP.
Am I doing this correctly or am I waaay of base? Also, what would people recommend for learning higher level Rufus combos? Right now I can make due with the standard link into ultra but I can only get that once a game. I’m looking for a simple combo to learn, while I level up. I’ve been trying Divekick -> -> s.hp -> h.GT but the link is such an odd timing that I’ve been having trouble memorizing it.
Anyway any advice is helpful :3 Cheers!


For rufus Divekick, LK (LK), s.HP xx HP Tornado is his bread and butter hitconfirm although its a 1 framer.
I can’t really think of other “practical” universal rufus hitconfirms (into decent damage) but then again I don’t really play the character so I will hope someone else can help you out with him.

I don’t really think that there is a universal way to find around that mixup. It’s just that if he guesses wrong and you are onpoint with your punishes and setups hes most likely close to death after 2 wrong guesses.
Risk reward is just not in his favor if he only uses DP + throw mixups.

Generally you should learn to delay your techs. You will still get the tech if he throws and if hes mashing dp like a scrub you will probably block it depending on how late hes going to mash it. It’s a timing thing but I highly doubt that your friend is any good so he won’t adjust.

If you block his j.LK with Ryu you can usually mash him out of the string but you shouldn’t rely on it because the risk reward is not in your favor either except if you have meter to fadc. Don’t rely on it but always consider the option. At some point he might be afraid and will just block after his j.LK because he will expect another DP and this is where you throw him or start your own string. If you play Rose just mash backdash after you blocked the j.LK. Seriously if he isn’t able to optionselect it he will never land this mixup on you again. You also don’t have to block in the first place. Focus back/forwarddash and you are almost out of his pressure game again. This can obviously get punished too but I personally wont stop unless my opponents is able to punish it.


What you always! can do is focus absorb dash to escape, that setup. He can often hit you with a second attack, but you are airborn during the dash, so you will get hit but you will land on your feet! a proper distance away, this is worth much !

As you mentioned you can make a late throw tech, but that only works standing as far as I know. While crouchteching you have a techwindow of only 1 frame, so nothing to delay there, its strict timing. While standing you have a techwindow of 4! frames, so just press backwards for the block and tech a little bit later, ofc like this he can hit you with a crouching attack, but he has to change his playstyle for that and attempt the 50/50 mixup less often.
If he doesnt safejump, late dp him every time. You can mash dp for yourself after the block when you have meter, he has to respect that, so he will probably go for a blockstring after the jumping attack or just block.
If timed badly you can justbackdash without the focus absorb.


Cool guys thanks a lot :slight_smile:


The tech window is usually 7 frames unless the character you’re facing has a different throw (e.g. Goukens backthrow) it’s not strict. I always delay my tech’s alot and I don’t get thrown that much. It’s just a matter of practise. Also you can’t safejump Ryu and generally you can’t “safejump” Shotos or most other characters off techable knockdowns because delayed DP’s will beat any jumpin.