Getting better.


So I recently gained a large interest in playing SF. I have been watching tons of videos, tutorials and pretty much anything to do with the characters I am interested in. Sadly, I don’t feel like I have the potential to improve how I play. The only combo I know is mashing lights until I get a 4-hit. I have spent hours upon hours in training mode and I still can’t get down a DP into Ryu ultra 1, matter of fact, I can’t even get DP into FA let alone FADC, the only thing I can do is jab FADC. I also spend hours trying to master my input for Ultra 2 on E Ryu, but when I play against another person, I lose because I teleport about 6 times and never actually use my move. Should I just give up on trying? I also attempt to get out my frustration from training mode in player v. player games, I haven’t won even a round in 2 months. It’s getting to the point where my enjoyment of SF is waning because of how literally terrible I am. Any suggestions?


Work on the basics at first. Rather then trying to learn FADC combos right away, teach yourself how to do basic two hit or three hit combos and work up from there. If you don’t have the basics down you definately will not win anything in player vs player.


Also focus on practicality.

Don’t try and learn things like jump-in combos, because chances are low that you will land it. Focus on hitting combos that you would actually use commonly, like into fireball.


Im no expert either but from what I read, you’re trying to aim for the stars right away.

I mean, dp fadc ultra 1 with ryu isnt the top of the hill but as a beginner you dont have much chance to get that one down at all. And even IF you do, you wont have the chance to use it at all…

As people already said, try to work on the basics first.

dont learn combos into fadc ultra if you cant hitconfirm
dont learn hitconfirm before you cant 2-in-1 moves (like cancel into hadoken with shotos)

There are a few really got videos from UltraChenTV on youtube concerning how to start with the game and what’s important (hint: landing combos isnt!)

You wont land jump-in combos much. Jumping-in like a retard wont give you much to learn from, except that you dont do that.

Focus more defensive aspects at first

  • how to block high/low
  • how to block crossups
  • how to throwtech
  • when and how to use focus defensively
  • what are your buttons for anti air (e.g. cr.hp)
  • what specials can you utilise as anti air (e.g. shoryuken)
  • what are your “keep out” buttons (e.g. ryu’s would be, canceled into hadoken to push the opponent out even further)
  • 2-in-1 punish moves (e.g. st.hp canceled into hp shoryuken does good damage if you want to punish a blocked shoryuken or something like that)

At the time you have this stuff down, you’ll start to get comfortable against people online and should start exploring more stuff.

  • how to utilise knockdown (safe jumps, crossups, mixups in general)
  • how to hitconfirm properly
  • using fadc offensively (not so much anymore with USF4)

At this point it becomes way easier, the hard part is really to get basics of defense down, otherwise you’ll always feel helpless online and just get overwhelmed by your opponents.


Don’t worry, it’ll get better.


DP into Ultra (or super) is easy. What you want to do is buffer the first qcf within the dp command. Input forward, qcf+P, then qcf+ PPP.

Tossing the FADC in there is probably slightly more difficult, but this is a good concept to learn anyway.


I’m speculating a bit on what your overall understanding of the game may be, but I think even decent players can benefit from the basic strategy suggested from this video. It underscores what the basic strategy from pretty much any characters perspective will be in Street Fighter. A bare bones approach.


Do you play on xbox live? Sounds like we are similiar skill levels.


If you were to ask me on how to get better I’d say:

Learn the moves of which ever characters your interested in using then play a lot of matches. If your smart you’ll learn how to play better. You can read all the guides you want but it’s not going to do you much good. You either know how to use moves or you don’t all that’s left after that is practice and experience.

A little off topic but an interesting article none the less.
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How do you use focus defensively? Right now, I just throw it out once in a while and hope someone jumps into it. That’s what I see most people doing. What else could I be doing?

Why not use FADC so much in USF4? Because of RFA? I think RFA is kind of a rip off in most cases. My friend does a short combo > RFA > You-Hou with Yun all the time and the scaling is bad.


You can use it for grounded pokes too. Absorb => Crumple and absorb => backdash type of deal. Of course, for that to work you need to be able to convince the opponent to not jump (many online players don’t think) and to have a feel for the opponent’s rhythm in the neutral game.

What he probably meant with offensive fadc is throwing dp fadc at an opponent during pressure to really drive home that he should just block so you can go dp fadc => throw, dp fadc => button or dp(hits) fadc => dp(juggle). Watch some AE2012 era videos of Infiltration, you can see him use DP FADC as a pressure tool a ton. The reason that it’s not done as often in Ultra is because dp blockstun was shortened so dp fadc is usually at least -5 on block, where before it was often safe.


Ahh, that’s very helpful. Thanks!