Getting blown up, in SFxT

By people who simply apply some pressure, jump over me, ambigous cross-up, damaging combo, repeat. It’s driving me nuts.

And then there’s people who just put me in a seemingly endless blockstring. Pressing buttons or attempting DP just gets me bodied. What do you guys do against this shit?

-Alpha counters are a good way to get rid of pressure.
-If your opponent likes to overuse low attacks you can try to blow him up with a raw launcher as it crushes lows.
-Back dashing is also an option to escape jab pressure.
-You can also make them respect you by using reversals after a jump in. That usually makes your opponent more hesitant after a jump in (you can then switch it up with a throw)

  • Characters like Hwoarang can pressure you for a really long time. You need to be patient and see whether there are gaps to counter. Once again you can make use of the raw launcher if the opponent uses lows.

To avoid these situations you obviously need to work on your anti airs.
If you still play Lars you can make use of hk silent entry if they like to cross you up often.

Thanks, man. In regards to the jumps, though, I was mostly referring to when they’re right on your ass with pressure and then bunny hop over your head to attempt a cross-up, which seems to always be highly ambiguous. I play Ken, so any typical jump-ins get punished hard.

And in regards to pressure, is it possible to DP during it? I always try to and my character just gets slapped. I know Alpha Counter is good, but I can’t rely on it too much because it takes meter and my Dudley needs meter to convert to good damage.

Will definitely keep that in mind for Lars. Thanks.

Oh some characters can actually walk forward and make the cross up miss (depends on your opponents character though and your walk/dash speed). Which characters give you the most trouble?

Ken’s lp uppercut has only lower body invulnerability frames, whereas his mp and hp uppercut have full body invulnerability frames.
I don’t play Ken often but looking at the frame data I would say mp uppercut is the best for anti airs and reversals (Ex is even better).

You can reversal as long as the opponent is not using true block strings.
Maybe you know Heihachi’s forward lp which can be followed up with an overhead or a low. That for example is not a true blockstring (f. lp is -4 on block) and can be interrupted with Ken’s uppercut (3 frames start up).

In addition to what RC already listed, you can try

  • forward dashing under the jump-in (resets to neutral)
  • nj or jump back followed instantly by a jumping normal with fast startup
  • auto-correct AA.

Who would’ve thought it was so simple to combat. Thanks, guys.

No character in particular, RC. Just the tactic itself. I will note that Asuka’s cross-up is a bitch, however.

And is Ken really fully invincible with HP.DP? Mine gets stuffed all the time and, if we tade, it goes in the opponents’ favor

Ken’s hp srk: 3f startup, Full body invulnerability frames 1-3, Lower body invulnerability frames 4-6, Airborne from frame 7

As for asuka… unless she’s jumping in from a distance for a max range, assume any jump she makes will crossup and act accordingly. Makes the MU much easier… sadly. T.T

I just want to clear up that Ken’s HP DP has no invincibility in SFxT 2013. Only his MP DP and EX DP do. I used to play Ken and pointed that out in the thread, but apparently that fact has never been updated on the frame data spreadsheet.

So, would MP DP be a suitable meterless reversal? Or would you have to rely on the EX variation to flowchart people applying pressure?