Getting bodied with Viper. Needing help



I have yet to win a single match with Viper yet I have won with a lot of the cast that I barely know what I’m doing with. I am winning with T. Hawk and I really only know how to j.3p and SPD with him.

The main reasons I think I am losing is:

  1. Anytime me and my opponent throw out two moves (special or normals) at relatively the same time Viper with always lose. So I eat about a third of my life to land a hit or KD.

  2. She doesn’t do enough damage to justify her crappy normals and slow start up. I don’t even think FFF does as much damage as Ryu’s derp HP—>H.DP which is never dropped. He burn kick Vortex doesn’t really do that much damage. Like Gief or Akuma for example are going to win in two combos once they start their vortex. After her kd a lot of her stuff gets blocked or reversal DP’d.

  3. Her zoning trades or is easily punished. Also, I think I can only chain seismo is the first one hits/is blocked, unlike in UMVC3 where I just spam them all over the place. In UMVC3 using the same method of execution I can put around 3-4 seismos in bursts pretty regularly. In Ultra I can chain seismos about 2–10 tries and I usually get punished.

  4. Ex outside of combos are always stuffed and Her EX moves don’t get her out of pressure that I can see in most cases.

I have put in hours upon hours of training room time with her and can win first with t hawk who I barely know how to play. She does very little dmg and crap normals. How do I make her safe and have more priority?


Points 2, 3, 4 tell me that you’re unfamiliar with Viper’s playstyle. Viper is heavily focused on her specials.
Here are some vids to give you some basic/advanced info on her.

I would also advise you to watch some Vipers at tournaments like Jayce the Ace, Latif and Uryo (the last switched some time ago though).
Viper is still one of the strongest characters in the game. Red focus has only made her better.


Thanks for the help. I do watch a ton of RZR Latif. I think I have watched those vids too?