Getting closer to casting regen. New stem cell discovery found


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Hope it does work and gets past the ethics committee. Me want new blood…and muscles.


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should go onto the science thread i think

but fucking awesome!!!

now the fundies have nothing to whine about


It starts.


How long before social conservatives condemn this as “immoral?”

I hope that doesn’t happen, as unlike Heihachi, I do desire immortality. But too many stupid people in the world…


Maybe it will bring smarter brain cells to those that are lacking, I could use some regen myself!


Soon I can become a God!


Soon we’ll be able to have healing factors and be the best there is at what we do. And SNIKT too.


DS4 plot leak? And you said you wanted to avoid spoilers.


. . .

Queue the PETA supporters!



I dont get why religious idiots have to complain about stem cell research, besides them being idiots.


They receive stem cells from destroyed embryos. I.E. aborted babies. Rest is self-explanatory.



As long as I’ve been here, I should’ve at least stumbled into the science thread, but I have never once seen it. my bad on that one.

LOL @Vynce. I am NOT going the perfect cell route. I’m sure it’s pretty cool being one of the strongest beings in the universe, but carnivorous dick for a tail? :confused: No bueno!!!

I don’t know if I would like to live forever, but I would like to be able to call the shots about when it ends.



when they are able to prolong ones life i’m sure people like you will be benefiting from it, lol.


I pray to Dr. B and he will reward my loyalty with dead baby cells to make me mighty.


science says life begins at conception. why you gotta be anti science?


Wish you were here.


I’ve been reading about embryonic stem cells on and off since I first read about them in middle school, and I am currently involved in research regarding stem cells so this discovery is amazing. My only gripe is that the US probably could have developed this technique years earlier if it weren’t for all of the political obstructions denying any kind of funding. Keep in mind these embryos are fertilized in test tubes and cultured and stored in conditions where they will never become viable babies to begin with. Add the social stigma from the highly vocal conservative crowd and you have a bunch of our top scientists moving to Japan and India where they can do their research without any harassment. The US is trying to get their foot back in the race, but they are so far behind now. Unfortunately our politics haven’t changed and funding for research in general is extremely tight; I don’t see us being a major player in what will be the most revolutionary finding in regenerative medicine.


And as one, I can’t be happier.

You’d never hear me disagree with the potency of stem cells in healthcare, I met an American family in China that was there for medical tourism for their daughter to undergo stem cell therapy for blindness, and it worked.

My main concern was the method of which they were taken, (However, even that I would have to admit were ways to salvage the embryos from abortions that were done with no consideration as to whether they would be used for medical purposes or not). But now, things are turning to where we’re seeing little to no incentive to harvest stem cells in that method.

I really am amazed at what’s being discovered.


Mark of my dignity

Scar thy DNA

yadda yadda


This is where the problem starts. Misinformation. Embryonic stem lines are fertilized in tubes. When a woman has fertility complications, they will often resort to this in order to conceive a child or have a surrogate mother deliver it (think Octomom). A number of eggs are fertilized to ensure at least one becomes viable, and eggs that aren’t used are donated to scientific research with the patient’s consent.

Whether you believe those eggs are human or not is none of my concern, but they definitely aren’t viable embryos extracted from a woman’s womb.