Getting confusion CCs to work against a jabber

The basic idea behind a confusion CC is to stick in an overhead to try and get them to block the wrong way… But I can’t get this doesn’t work against a jabber.

let’s say I’m Ken vs Ken… doing my f+rh CC. My opponent is blocking, but is also mashing on low jab. Now if any hole appears in the CC, he will instantly d.jab and hit me. If I go for the overhead, I get jabbed. He doesn’t have to try and guess which way to block, just mash on jab. I don’t know of any confusion CC that uses an overhead that will beat this.

The best I can do is try to delay my hits so there is a hole, but I hit him out of the d.jab. Needless to say, the timing for this is crazy strict… how much startup is on a jab? If I trade CC ends as well, I have to HIT it clean.

Because of this I have to give up on trying the confusion CCs and instead go for the tiny-hole-and-hit-jab CC… which is harder IMO.

Little help?

this was posted by kcxj in the ken forum…

You can start going nuts with random d.MK xx hadoken, overheads then. By making the opponent block the hadoken, there’s no way they can jab out of the overhead kick afterwards (too good). Also you decide when Ken’s attacks combo or not either by speeding up or slowing down your attacks. It’s a lot of fun.

here’s the thread…

it’s amazing what you can find on srk when you actually read in the character specific threads/do a search:)

If ur opponent is always doing cr. jab , try doing a RC move to try to hit him out of the cr. jab, u can still RC in the CC state.
Im thinking u could try to either RC fireball, or RC short funky kick ur opponent to standing position, then continue the CC from that.

sweet popoblo! thanks! I HATE the mash jab thing… now if I can find something like that for other characters with confusion CCs. :slight_smile:

pokesYOU: I try that… but I’m not the greatest RCer. Hmm… in theory wouldn’t CC, s.fierce, [RC fierce DP] xN with Sakura be totally unstoppable?? I don’t think I’d ever be able to do that though… lol

there is no point to do s.fierce xx rc dp.fierce…

If you RCed every DP, they wouldn’t be able to AC you and you go do it whenever you got close… the perfect GC CC?

Hmm… I guess the FB -> overhead would work with sakura too?

thank u for the wonderful idea.