Getting Cr.Mk SRK when I want Cr.MK Fireball?


I’ve been playing this game for awhile and my execution is actually pretty good after constant hours playing but something about low forward fireball just doesn’t work with me like I cannot play shotos because of it, I keep doing the same input and sometimes I get fireball and sometimes I get srk I might be doing it to fast or something? I’m literally baffled by this lol.

Execution problems

Hold down+back when you do the low forward.


This actually works! Thanks dood

I’m going to be have PTSD of SRK so I’ll need to get used to it.

Maybe I can play a Shoto now :stuck_out_tongue:


The issue is that you were most likely hitting down+forward when you did a which resulted in the DP coming out due to the leniency on the first input (any forward counts).


When you walk towards your opponent and go for a quick crouch forward, if you hadoken immediately you will get a shoryken. There is something called move priority that forces a higher priority special to come out when over lapping inputs are performed. As far as I know, all shoryuken inputs have higher priority than hadoken inputs. Using that information, you understand the issue of walking towards your opponent into a crouch forward xx shoryuken instead of getting your desired hadoken. The way around this is to use the math behind the amount of time the game registers your inputs vs the extra frames that hit stop adds for you. I don’t know the exact numbers, but if you go from walking towards your opponent to performing a crouch forward xx hadoken, delay the cancel into hadoken for as long as possible. This will guarantee that the forward input from your walking towards action gets unregistered (“forgotten”) so that you always get a hadoken. A common mistake people will make after knowing this is performing their crouch forward while in the down+forward position. If you are going to slide you inputs from forward to down or even down back, make sure you wait until you have passed the down+forward postion before pressing crouch forward. As long as you remember that, sliding your inputs is ok, but having clean inputs of forward to down is better. In the heat of battle, I end up sliding my inputs because I’m being occupied with watching my opponents. I’m sure that the greats like Choi, Valle and Daigo all use clean inputs most of the time.

You were right, I decided to add a little for completeness…


You can also think of low forward xx hadoken while walking forward as a half circle back motion with two button presses (one performed during the down motion, and the other performed during the towards motion.) This will help cancel the initial towards input and ensure clean buffering of hadoken. It can be tough to do when you’re playing against someone and are trying to get things out immediately and quickly, that SRK likes to slip in and screw your game up.


That was actually my first idea but it was just to slow.

Thanks for the info dude I didn’t know about special priority, learn something new everyday about this game lol.


Sorry, but that is incorrect. Performing the half circle motion is simply delaying your input. I’ve tried doing crouch forward xx hadoken using the half circle method as fast as possible and you still get shoryuken (this is in training mode with input display on.) Its just better to understand that its a timing thing, not a number of inputs thing. I’m not sure how many inputs the SF4 engine keeps registered before it drops them, but the fact that 720 motions are in the game prove that you can’t perform an amount of inputs to force the game to drop that forward input (at least in a combat efficient way) before the time to drop registered inputs arrives. I said input a lot…



Right. I have noticed this too, I just thought it was a potential stop gap measure in lieu of doing walk toward, hadoken motion . . . and getting and inevitable SRK, every time. I like your 720 logic, I had not thought of that, but that does pretty much definitively make what I said wrong.

Okay, this is interesting. I’m going to have to go into training mode and fiddle around with this myself, but you’re saying that ensuring that you hit the forward button at the exact instant you’re at the down input as well as delaying the hadoken for the maximum amount of time after the towards input will eliminate both any need to add additional inputs to “cancel” previous inputs as well as ensuring you don’t get uppercut? Could you elaborate slightly on the “sliding inputs” you mentioned, that’s the only part of what you said that has me a bit confused.

I’m also curious about the actual numbers for the buffered inputs you mentioned, granted it would still come down mostly to feel when actually performing the sequence, but it would be interesting to know. Good stuff, I would love to figure a more efficient way to perform that move; 'cause you know, I’m only doing it for 75% of every round . . .


“exact instant you’re at the down input” as long as you understand that I’m saying to make sure you are avoiding all three forward directions before pressing forward kick, yes…

“sliding inputs” I do hadokens as fast as possible so that its hard to react to even when I do them raw. I have to ride the gate to slow down my inputs now. I go through forward, down forward, down, down back, down, down forward, forward. The square gate slows me down to the point I almost never get shoryuken, but the new problem of not comboing comes up… sliding or riding the gate is a decent training tool until you can control yourself to do it correctly…