Getting cross the stage in umvc3

Anyone have any tips on how to pressure someone and how for faster movement when trying to reach the other player from across the stage.thanks
Team:Hiryu,ghost ride,doc doom

Many things.

Under cover of Doom beam assist / hidden missiles
Under cover of Strider Vajira
Ghost Rider should be playing a zoning/spacing game. Doom assist will also help this.

Plink dash / super jump in some situations.

Doom’s foot dives are really annoying and can be good ways to move too if you know the different ways to cancel them.

Thanks for the advice:)

Ghost Rider should be annoying people with chains from long range while covering himself with assists like missles, plasma or vajra.

Doom can annoy people until they come to him with plasma beam + photon shots and the occasional super jump and/or jump and foot dive. Depends on what your opponent has available on their team. If you have assists covering you, repeatedly tri-dashing on the ground gets you across the screen pretty quickly. If your opponent controls the ground, you can try doing sj > fly > tri-dash in the air, then come down with a foot dive or j.M.

Don’t really know much about strider, but I’ve seen people use his long range sword swings, that satellite move (qcb+s I think?) and wall-clings to cover space and get around, besides the obvious option of using his teleports.

thanks for ur input