Getting damned annoyed, Want to talk about this Poserspeak


You know, I’ve been lurking on SRK for a couple years now, registered just to discuss 3SO. That aside, there seems to be huge trend growing with what seems to me to be Poserspeak. I notice kids on streams or various vids or even forums constantly using words like salty, free, scrub etc.

Now I get what the words convey and all of that, but now I mostly associate constantly falling back on them as the signs of a poser. It reminds me of how you will find the most critical, most negative people constantly calling everyone and everything a scrub or scrubbish or swearing by their SRK suffix on their screen name, as if an SRK account validates or guarantees skill (likely better hides a lack of said skill). Even on some of the best or most impressive videos, some kid with no background will call the players scrubs for this reason or that reason. Personally I don’t think vids like Sugiyama vs Messatsou, or Akimo vs various players contain anything remotely “scrubby”.

Who originally developed these words? Was it just Yipes? Who thought it to say “hell this guy is stylish, let me steal that style and totally saturate any and all fighting game discussion with it”. I just want to see what you guys think of it.

It seems to me that you can’t watch or read anything related to fighting games now without kids throwing around these words. I want to get people’s honest opinions. Thanks everyone.


the problem is that the majority of the community now has no roots in it that extended back more than 3 years, and they dont care to know what it was like before they showed up


I agree, you know I appreciate SF4 mainly for the resurgence in fighting games and this renaissance fighting games are going through right now. But I also believe it is responsible for what you could call the SF4 generation, not a ton of background yet all of the answers and skill in the world (as one would be led to believe), the most disturbing idea is that lot of the proposals for new patches and nerfs to good games come from this same generation.


Welcome to anything in life that was small and became bigger.


Meh, every subculture has it’s own lingo… I do agree that some people tend to overuse the shit, but, it is what it is. I’d rather have poseurs who overuse these terms out there on the internet, than, to not have the livelihood that the community does.

For the record, the term “scrub” pre-dates SRK
And also, the term “salty” didn’t even originate in fighting games, it’s just a slang term.


Shoutouts to Mr. Victor Font


As long as folks aren’t tossing around a ton of MAHVEL BAYBEE references I don’t get bothered too much by the slang. Spooky uses a ton of it, and his streams are always gdlk.


I like it


thought i would add that the term free is derived from the phrase “free money”, which was used frequently by the mvc2 community to describe one side’s improbability of winning in a money match.

fwiw, i’m not bothered by slang fighting game players use.


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I have srk at the end of my gamertag, stay free OP


I see what you did thar…


Surprised how many people like it. To me, “salty”, “FRAY”, etc. are the lexicon of the faceless retards of the SF community. When I hear someone earnestly say something like “I need to get in da lab”, I know instantly that person is someone I want nothing to do with. It seems like anytime I happen to tune into a stream, no matter who is playing, no matter what game they are playing, both players are described as “FRAY” and “gdlk” by all the stream dipshits. It’s just worthless text at that point. I guess jockin all the NY slang makes all the dorky white boys out there feel like they are part of something.


First off, you’ve got an awesome avatar, OP. So, thanks for the laugh.

Secondly, the “slang” as it were, doesn’t really bother me. I catch myself saying things like “IS MAHVEL BAYBEH!” occasionally at tournaments, but I don’t go overboard with it. I recall some folks playing Marvel 3 at a recent tournament and they kept on shouting out various things, which I guess is another trend that fighting game culture picked up and ran with. They kept on doing it to the point where it was kinda getting obnoxious,(shoutout to shoutouts!) but eh…I don’t try to let myself be bothered by it. There’s bigger fish to fry in this community.


i honestly dont mind most stuff, shoutouts gets old. the mike ross meme is overdone…but i do hate Anti insert name here technology…


Scoops! Scoops Häagen-Dazs!


Thanks man :slight_smile:

You…you’re my hero! wipes away tears I’m not saying its all bad, its okay at times but like I said, those that overuse it just come off as huge posers. If I asked them to name their favorite Art of Fighting character they wouldn’t know wth I’m talkin about.


i guess you like to be one of those “underground” types and get all pissy when things go mainstream…or the type that goes " you werent even born then blah blah."

what can you do, these new kids and their hip slang…


It just annoys me when I hear people using the word “scrub” to mean “noob”. That’s not what it means. There may be an association, but a scrub is actually a fairly-well defined type of user, and calling somebody a scrub just because they have an opinion that you disagree with is…well, it’s bad logic, for one. It’s bad rhetoric, for another. Ad hominem and all that. I wish I could fix it here and other places on the internet, but SRK would have to up it’s etiquette level before that could happen.

And no, my username isn’t what you’re thinking of. I’ve been using this online since long before I got into the tournament scene. It’s just one of those odd coincidences that I find so very amusing.


Let’s be honest, the majority of these communities don’t even exist 3 years. It takes a lot of dedication to a game you really love to stay playing it for 3 years.

3rd Strike, Guilty Gear, MvC2, exceptions of course but after a year or so most communities die out. Do you think MK9 will still be thriving in 3 years? hell no.