Getting destroyed as Blanka vs a good Balrog player

Usually I can do well against most of the cast, but in particular I feel absolutely hopeless when playing Blanka against someone using Balrog that knows what they’re doing.

I feel like all of his attack out prioritize my own and there’s not much that I can do.

I usually end up in the corner getting pulverized over and over by turn punches and buffalo headbutts when I try to escape.

Using Blanka’s slide and low HP seem to be all I can get at times.

Anyone have some advice for me?

Fatboy and I posted some stuff a while ago over here.

It’s very hard. Significantly worse in remix because ball into rush punch / this and that used to be a good trade and now it isn’t. You might want to start on classic mode and if you can win the match there then try remix.


Yeah so what was gloomy in classic is much gloomier in remix.

That match is about as easy as Cammy vs Honda. :sad:

Yea I’m a pretty average boxer player and I usually eat Blanka players alive. You’re only hope is jumping short kick into bite and other bite set ups. Electricity is good if they are predictable with their buff headbutts.

Yeah… Tough battle. To be honest only player ingenuity can help you win this match. You’re going to have to take a lot of gambles to get ahead. If you try to beat him in the traditional sense of controlling space, you lose. Everything thing he does will beat you hit for hit.

For Rog to win, he just waits to counter, gets a lead in life and just rushes you 'till you die.

YOU have to make a lucky guess somewhere in the match, score a knock down, and then start to build a game plan after that.

EDIT: I forgot one thing. If somehow Rog whiffs a Buffalo Headbutt, you can punish with a mkx2 > Ball for massive damage. It helps a lot if/ when the oppurtunity arises. The match is still way in Rog’s favor. But knowing you can do a ~50% combo on a wiffed attack is nice.

Balnka ball is punishable on block by low dash punch, even w/o reversal timing I think.

Also punishable with super! God I love that.

In ST it was punishable on hit too.

can anyone verify this in HDR?


That is insane.

Perhaps this can give you some inspiration:

Nohoho, love your site!:

I just mash agaisnt Blanka.
Beats almost everything.

How would that work though? Being charged for the dash would mean you’d be blocking, no?

Blanka roll on hit or block in ST has very little stun, allowing some characters to hit back. It is suicide to roll against Rog if he is not moving forward.

And while you’re blocking, which direction are you holding the joystick?

Answer: The same direction you charge any dashing puch or uppercut. :slight_smile:

Like the poster above me just said, the only way you’re not going to get reversal Rushing Punched or Supered back is if you caught Balrog moving forward and without a charge before he got hit. Blanka’s rolls take that long to recover.

But I’m sure this info was covered long ago in the Blanka thread. :slight_smile:

I think you misunderstood me. My question was “how can Balrog reverse-dash Blanka on hit? Being charged for the dash would seem to necessarily imply that the ball was blocked.”

You recover from a hit just about as fast as getting out of blockstun with blanka roll for some reason, allowing for a dash.

^^^^ Yes he can. But the situation doesn’t come up much where Rog can be hit while still holding his charge. You’d have to hit him during a move, other wise he’d be blocking.

Or Blanka could do a cr.Forward > Roll combo on Boxer while he’s blocking high or a jumping combo on a crouching Boxer that ends in Roll, all the while Boxer has his back charge or down back charge for reversal timing.

I picked up Blanka as my main and have yet to lose to a boxer… You just out turtle him. Bait headbutts. Maybe I haven’t been playing the right boxer players but: beats his rushes and I believe trades with his
slide is great will also beat (maybe just poorly ranged) rush punches
the occasional neutral jump mk has good priority
things like dash back, lp ball whiff to bait headbutts, then when they learn to block you use the ball to dash a certain distance and jump for a crossup that will go over headbutt if used on reaction…

DO NOT use blanka ball to hit/block, and don’t use super unless they jumped in and you’re positive a reversal super will hit and juggle.

Now if you want a shitty matchup, play Honda…