Getting dialupsucky's Combos down?



Hello, I’ve been working on getting dialupsucky’s combos down for ages, to no success. As I’m trying to maximize Ryu’s potential I feel it’s critical to get those advanced combos down…


I’d like to ask for the Ryu forum people’s advice on how to pull the combos off.

My biggest concern is pulling off the midscreen combo of the H Donkey Kick. I understand it’s timing dependent, but I haven’t grapsed the general timing of when to dash/double dash to hit the opponent.


I think there all pretty self explanatory… Just wave dash, then stand m, or duck m, or double wave dash to combo… The trickiest part about it is some characters are weird in that, they only work with one wave dash off a sweep, and then say only the duck m, or maybe a character only works if you dont sweep and a stand m. So that kinda thing. I made a list of it when the game came out, and I think I even posted some of it on srk. I think? So just gotta know what characters only work if you sweep before it or only work if there standing. Of course theres a fair portion that works whatever though shrug…


Yea, i got the general idea down, its just the timing I always struggle/rage with. Double wave dashing is difficult for me to get down too -_-;.

For pulling off the double wave dash, at what should I start doing it relative to the opponent’s character bounce?

Thanks for providing the combos dialupsucky. I’m not the greatest Ryu mvc3 user, but I’ll do my best to make use of some of your combos during EVO.


I have same issue connecting after a donkey-kick / dash from full screen… Do you need to dash twice? Is standing H the best move to connect after the dashes? I can’t find a sure method to connect 100% of the time


You do need to dash twice, and you should do it as soon as you can. I usually have the best luck with cr.M, as far as connecting a move afterwards. Sometimes I can land s.M but I’m not even doing that on purpose because I kind of suck at actually landing the H wallbounce kick followup (getting better though). Just get in training mode and grind it out. Remember, cr.M, double wave dash, don’t go too fast or else you get Hadou Kakusei, and you should wavedash as soon as Ryu can move.


I’ll work on that, thanks for the response bro

#7 he made a compilation for people who havent seen it yet


yep thanks… I posted it already as I did with the akuma(which had some “new” combos as well)as the strider ones… Ive treid subimiting my videos to srk once again. but they refused to put them up. Meh~ If any of you guys want to try to help me out so I can actually get some views on them by all means lol