Getting dominated, questions

Hey all.

I guess I would consider myself a casual player. I’m sure my skill at SF titles in general is novice level.

My dilemma: Since there is NO system that aims to match players of equal skill together in SF2THDR…this is the inevitable outcome EVERY TIME - I wind up in a lobby with one or two absolutely DOMINANT players who win every match. I end up with a lobby record of like 0-20 before I get so frustrated I have to turn the system off and take a break.

I understand that playing against better players is really the only way to get better but damn…losing EVERY match to someone who has mastered a blitzkreig attack style where I literally can’t get a move in to save my life…its not fun, and I don’t feel like I learn anything.

I hate to sound like I"m just whining…but…isn’t there SOME option for casual players to build skill other than being raped over and over and over and over and over ad nauseum by a player who is 1000x better?

If I could win even 1/5 of the matches I play, it would enough to avoid me becoming furious at the game/myself.

I don’t know if you guys get novice players in here ranting like this often, if so, my apologies.

FYI: I’m playing “Player Matches” NOT ranked matches.

For THE LOVE OF GOD please tell me that SF4 is going to have SOME matchmaking system that at least tries to put players of similar skill levels together.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thats the beauty of it, get owned, learn through getting owned. Then start to pwn.

You need to spend more time learning and less time making threads.

If everyone had your mentality no one would improve.

Welcome to SRK.

I just wish there was SOME option for learning besides losing every single round to someone 1000x better than myself.


Right, I knew this was a mistake.

This is the part where the players doing the dominating come in here and mock an honest question.

>If everyone had your mentality no one would improve.

I take exception to this comment. I am NOT quitting matches, I AM taking beatings on line ALL freaking day. I read guides, watch video…I’m doing all the things I should be.

I just wish there was some option other than facing someone SO much better than me, that I can’t even move.

IN NO other sport is competition like this. I competed in full contact martial arts for a DECADE, as an example, and as a first year student, you do not get matched with a 10th year black belt.


Is it that they’re dominating you so bad that you don’t learn anything?

If you’re not learning anything- then quit and find something easier you can learn from, then come back when you are ready.

Yeah, I get owned by people like Damdai, but I usually can understand why- it’s why I first concentrate on getting into my rhythm, then doing damage, then maybe I can get lucky. That’s how you fight superior players. Just set a more realistic goal then winning. That’s also a good learning experience as well, as it teaches you how to stick with a gameplan.

Think Ippo vs Ricardo Martinez, just don’t keep eating left all day. :slight_smile:

That’s how you learn. Try to play more conservatively and find mistakes in your gameplay. Watch match videos and learn your characters basic BnBs. This is how I’m learning and I’m no where near intermediate level.

Well first of all, since your new here (and haven’t seen these threads before), almost everyone is going to say “tough luck” “that’s how you learn”. I am new myself and haven’t played online yet (waiting for sfiv) so I have yet to test that method. However, luckily, sfiv has EXACTLY the type of method you are describing. You choose who you want to be matched with skill wise. Unless they took it out, you will be able to set what skill level it matches you to. Also, I think your xbox live “group” i.e. underground/pro/casual/etc. determines some matchmaking settings. Honestly though players just randomly pick between pro and underground usually so that’s useless.

If you are interested, I set up a thread here: that is gathering people who are willing to mentor new and or intermediate players over xboxlive and psn to help improve their game. Feel free to sign up as a student or just add the gamertags of a few mentors to your friends. The mentor list will start to really get filled up after sfiv is released so keep an eye on that thread.

I really don’t think that all of this get owned to own method works…at all. Especially when we have a giant database and people who know the game like the back of their hand that won’t help any new members out. That’s complete garbage.

It would just be easier to either point him to the super turbo thread or something instead of just “You’re Shit out of luck. Since you’re asking questions you obviously don’t want to learn how to play the game.”

You should find a way to get your matches recorded, so we can have a better idea of what’s going on when you play. I’m assuming you know your specials and a few combos, I have a feeling that your spacing/ability to zone might be an issue.

I have lost rounds/matches because I was literally a step too close to my opponent when I was trying to trap them or foolishly going in for the finishing touch (I hope that made sense)…

In many cases yes…in some cases there is enough back and forth that I feel like I’m making progress.

To give you a general impression: I stick to Ken, Ryu, Guile, and Chun Li…I can pull off all their special moves in a more or less “instant on command” fashion, and same goes for their supers. I am struggling with combos. I soften all throws and am able to pull some reversals.

I know I’m a low skill player, which is why I am REALLY hoping that SF4 has SOME kind of system to mitigate against GIANT gaps in skill.


I sincerely appreciate the friendly advice and I will check out that thread.

I’m VERY glad to hear SF4 will have a skill matching component.

if you want to be the player who is 1000x better than you opponent play against me.

the last time i played online was like this …
match startet few seconds later after some moves the opponent began to trashtalk me like oh man u suck, ure the worst ive ever played and laughs at me while beating the crap out of me … man that was fun :sweat:

never played online since then :confused: but not because of this but because i have to study because of my exams.

but there are some good advices … try to understand why you lost and what you can do not to lose like this again … i think there was a good artice from gootecks on his site. just play and try to learn and ask every time: what have i done wrong … what to do next time.

if its your execution who sucks (like my execution) go just hit the training mode and train your combos until you can do them every time on every side. then try to find an opening in your matches were you can hit the combo and try it. just be patient and dont give up and you will get better because you will know what the opponent can do against you and how you should react to counter him. just a matter of time.

Challenge mode will probably help you learn some combos, except you gotta learn when to use the things you learn in that mode in matches. I think it will probably be useful, but you’ll need to know more to excel.

Your post is why I disable in game audio. Some of the trash talk makes me want to murder people.

And yeah, I’m struggling a LOT with pulling off clean combos.

And THANK YOU to all the people here who took the time to say more than “tough luck noob”. I really do appreciate it.

You’re making a mistake many people do.

You play too much, and don’t practice enough


are you struggling in a real match or in training mode ? if you can perfect pull in training mode its just experience youre missing. and experience will defenitely come while you play A LOT of games. just try to relax and dont force anything just do what you have learnt in training mode. you dont need to pull off 10-20hit combos … 2-5hit combos are just fine.

but im not the one who shouls say this … even on the basics … if somebody jumps in just dp him … ok no problem i can dp in training mode nearly 100%. but in a match when somebody jumps in … even a stupid easy mode cpu the dp wont come out … i just panic there. you have so much time but my motion gets fu.ked up and get combo’ed after the jump in … just sucks :sad:

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

Actually you’re wrong, a lot of the people that are making those comments here don’t dominate shit, but talk as if they do. Don’t be fooled.

Anyway, at the level you’re at right now, don’t think about whether you’re winning or losing because if you’re a beginner and playing against good players, you’re going to lose most (if not almost all) of the time anyway. Instead, think about understanding what your opponent is doing and finding possible counters, as well as improving your overall execution. When you’ve begun understanding the game well, and you can see an improvement, then you can start taking whether you won or lost the match, more seriously.