Getting double rotations down

I kow this is a stupid question but anyway i love playing cvs2 but ive always had a problem doing double rotations for supers on arcade sticks for like ever lol i was wondering if anybody had the same prob. and what they did to get better at it please if anybody has any good tips please post them thanks :wonder:

man, how do you do sentinel cheese low laser, fly, unfly then?!!

thats easy but like under pressure i cant do double raotaions

what do you mean?

you mean just do it normally? or like dashing then doing it?

like doing them normally and then as part of a combo

same problem… i always jump when i go on my stick to up position in rotation move (like super move with honda or zangief). I can do it only when i jump and perform double rotation in the jump and when i land i push attack button … i sux …

There are several tricks you can use:

-roll, super. Ghetto, but usually effective.

-whiff a jab(this will let you do 360x2 while the jab is whiffing). Using that same motion executes many different supers.

-Jump in and buffer in the air, but that’s just old skool.

-Avoid crazy stuff like dashing forward into a super, or trying to put the super into a combo as a hit confirm. Save that shit for later.

One of the easiest fbx2 supers for me to execute is ken’s qcbX2 + k. I ALWAYS land it as: (optional cross-up, mk),, c.lp, xx super.
Make sure to press and hold mk, then quickly do the super. The only problem you might run into is if you have a habit of holding down-back when landing combos. Go to neutral, or in this case, down-forward.

My favourite way to land Zangief’s super is to do a banishing flat really close(blocked), and then use link timing for the super. But most of the time, aerial russian slam pwnz joo.