Getting EX soul throw instead of Ultra 2



Have no idea why this is happening, but in matches I’ll backdash, ultra 2, and it will do an EX soul throw instead.

Is there any reason that this is happening… or wtf is going on :confused: How does QCBs turn into a forward SRK


Well. It’s kicks, now. So.


You’re probably over rotating your stick when inputting ultra 2 causing the EX SS to come out.


Are you still playing AE/v2012?

  1. Upgrade to USF4 where Ultra is qcb x 2 3k

  2. If you can’t/don’t want to do #1 yet… yeah you’re probably riding the diagonals (df in particular) too hard. Afaik df x 2 registers as a dp motion if you’re doing them deep or in quick succession.


I play on PC so no ultra for me yet, but yeah I guess I’m too sloppy with my inputs and am doing the diagonals :confused: Guess I’ll work on that


I assume you meant Reflect and not soul throw.


No, I meant soul throw


Soul throw was very common to get and is the entire reason they changed ultra 2 to kicks x3.

Not long to wait mate! :slight_smile:


I play on PC as well, so im happy to see it switched to 3k. What I am not excited for is the amount of times i am going to try and u2 with punches and waste my bars on reflect.


so I wasn’t the only one who got soul throw in 2012…


This happens to me a lot more with U1 than U2 actually and one of the reasons i made the switch to U2. Now that they switched U2 to 3xK i can’t even use it anymore and have had to use U1. I wish they would have made ultra’s motion plus a 3x k/p.


I don’t think I’ve ever gotten soul throw, always EX reflect. Amped for the motion change in Ultra, but at least I’ve become more consistent with dash forward ultra 2 from the right in the meantime.