Getting Friends Into Fighting Games?


I’ve got lots of friends that are gamers, but none of them play fighting games and are COD junkies. Anytime I talk about fighting games they instantly call them “buttton mashers that take no skill”. Even when I try to teach the game to them they mash the buttons which makes them think even more that fighting games are “button mashers”.

Can anyone give me advice on how I can get them started on fighting games and actually show how the genre is supposed to be played? Please HELP, its lonely being the only one in my area!


give up.


Your friends are close minded. If you tried countless times already, at this point I would say get better friends.

FG’s are the best test of skill for competitive gaming IMO. If you lose, you don’t have much to blame other than yourself. I can’t say the same thing for COD.


I actually managed to get a COD junkie into SF, he learned the motions, footsies, and all that jazz.


Well, this thread is pretty much the same thing, but yeah.

I got a couple friends into picking up Continuum Shift by showing them a couple of high-level play videos to show all the cool stuff you could do. The first one I showed was always this great, even fight that ended in a nice Astral Finish combo. All I can really say is make the game look really exciting. Which is harder to do with some fighting games than others, but, eh.

If it doesn’t work, then tell them that they’re just missing out.


Set the rounds to 3, and triple perfect them., Then tell them the reason they lost was cuz they weren’t mashing hard enough.


well i showed evo 2004: daigo vs justin but they werent really amazed which is kinda ridiculous because that clip is awesome with the crowd…

lol that post made my day! i think ill actually do that to one of them


Seconding this thread (lots of useful information there you must read it), and advocating the let them win strategy again.


go with your friends to a tournament, let them get raped trying to see how far they can get on games that are only button mashers that take no skill


people who play console fps aren’t gamers, they’re people who would like go to paintballing with their friends and coworkers but can’t be assed to organize such an outing or set aside the time or money to do so



Prehaps they just don’t want to play fighting games, find something else you share in common to do with them.

And tell them to play an FPS that isn’t for babies, like CS1.6, or Quake.


I can think of three steps to convince them you’re right:

  1. Get BBCS
  2. Pick a character and learn your B&Bs. For bonus effect, pick Tager.
  3. Play versus your friends. Since they’re just, mashing buttons all day, they’ll be lucky to get 1.5k off of any given hit. Meanwhile, you’ll get free 720s and Atomic Collider resets all day until they decide to wise up and stop mashing.

If they complain about you just mashing one move all day, switch characters with them and start doing safe blockstrings. They’ll either learn or ragequit.

Please do this first though. Also, I second the motion to convince them to play real FPSes.


They are COD players, there is no chance to get them into fighters. To get a feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment with fighters, that feeling when you know you understand the game and you are capable shutting your opponent down, you need to practice and play a lot.

But COD players want that feeling of accomplishment without actually having to learn the game. They just want to point and shoot and feel awesome. They have absolutely no interest in something that requires too much thinking.


I find it impossible, I’ve tried for years with the same people and I have gotten nowhere, they just say it’s too repetitive. It can be frustrating if a friend doesn’t get what it’s all about but sometimes you just have to give up. Theres definitely a difference between people who want to play something they can improve at consistently and people who will only play something they are able to play close to their potential at on day 1.


Same thing here. But after a while two friends (1 good friend) started playing FG. Both play marvel and one is getting SF. They are real COD fans. Another good friend of mine thinks SF is stupid etc. He played it once and I made myself lose on purpose a few times and he was enjoying it etc. Just force them to play with you, give them simple mode on marvel and don’t go try-hard mode and tada.


I usually use the same technique. Try to find a balance between giving away a round/set and taking em.
Although it sure is frustrating loosing on purpose. I however cant use that technique anymore, since theyve seen me playing online and doesnt want to get run over. And nowadays when i loose a round on purpose they usually see it.


find new friends


You take your choice game and then you hand them a controller and you completely annihilate them. That’s how I got my friends into 3rd Strike. They thought the game was a piece of crap. If they can’t take the beating, then, really, there’s nothing else you can do. I believe a true gamer would step up to the challenge of beating you. Beating friends in games will always give them and remind them of a reason to play it. The harder you beat them, the bigger the scar. To not scar them too bad, just pick characters you are least good at. Just don’t hold back, you know, respect.


Get better friends.

Seriously, most people who play COD aren’t “gamers”, not even casual gamers. The guy who made the paintball analogy is right on the money.
Even dumbed down fighting games like SF4 are way too much for a lot of people to handle. These kind of people play games like COD and other FPS’s because they can run around and press a button and shoot things without worrying how to do much more than that. Yes, I know there’s a level of deeper play with FPS games but the average idiot can still press buttons and feel like they are accomplishing something whereas you try to introduce the same person to SF and they have to learn concepts like blocking or performing a fireball and that takes away quality button mashing time.


no chance. same here. my friends do play fighting games sometimes but they NEVER block (blocking is for pussies) and just jump around and mash buttons. very smart starcraft and counterstrike players suddenly turn into 5 year olds when they play fighting games. its sad.