Getting frustrated using balrog

i’ve been playing this game for a couple weeks and i am maining balrog. im gettin frustrated because i keep losing and i only win against really bad people. right now im a class c with 1400BP and 600PP. i messed around with other characters and they do seem easier but i like balrog hes cool as fuck i wanna get good with him. i could do a couple BNBs but training mode is wayyy different than a real match… any advice ? how long did it take you guys to start raping people with balrog ?

much longer than a few weeks. Everyone you’re playing has been doing so for like years.

Just keep at it. Eventually you will get better.

might also help to learn matchups too. you can go on and sort through their database of utub videos, seeing what Balrog players did wrong or did right in a specific matchup and compare it to what you do did and yours and it might provide some insight into how you can become better as a player. And don’t forget the forums as a resource.

There’s a crap ton of information provided by a number of Balrog players to get you out of whatever rut you feel like you’re in. And i’m willing to answer even if you’re not too keen on using the search button. :]

Biggest mistake that balrog players make at your level. They don’t AA enough and they don’t c.HK enough. Try to just inch forward and c.HK if he ever gets close. c.HP if he jumps. Only time you shouldn’t c.HK is if they are jumping over it a lot or FAing a lot. Srs though at your PP i could beat everyone c.HK and c.HP because people don’t have proper spacing and jump too much.

^ thanks for the info i will use those alot more often from now on. i have a question, how do you overhead dash punch? and how do you cancel dashpunch into super?

Just practice practice practice.

I’ve been playing since the date in my signiature and still I’m not that great but that boils down to a few very specific issues.
My issue is that I’ve only ever played SF4 Online - I’ve absolutely no Offline experience and to make it worse I play on PC where the general skillcap is tremendously low with only players who have both Console & PC versions are much better. That’s not to say there’s no good PC ver.players just they’re harder to come by, so that mixed in with online only play leads to a very limited ‘cap’ on what you can learn.

In addition, the truly great players not only have extensive offline experience but will know each and every matchup off the back of their hand, religiously, including what works/doesn’t work per character, what to use/not to use and to sprinkle it all off they will know all of Balrogs moveset in and out, including knowing what his most damaging / viable combos are (both situationally and character specific wise) with enough consistant execution to pull it off on demand.

No player out there can grab a game like SF4 and expect to ‘rape’ (as you put it) within a few weeks, not a chance - It’ll take you quite a long-ass time to get to a point where a) You play your chosen character(s) at a viable level to b) Face off against all the people out there who ARE at that level.

As someone above has said, you’ll typically find the majority of players of SF4 you meet will be the type who’ve played since Vanilla, so to think you can waltz in and own those people within a week or two is not the mindset you should adopt.

Hit the training room to practice and learn all of Rog’s tools, combo’s and character specifics then hit Online and put your stuff to work and learn more - Also, try your best to get some consistant sparring partners - I’ve adopted quite a few over the years, typically people who are somewhat better than me - This ensures I have the chance of playing plenty of matches versus competant people who I know aren’t slacking and this gives a more steady practice/learning experience than playing every random joe soap all of which have a completely different skill cap.

Just practice, practice, practice some more.