Getting ggpo games to run at native res on arcade monitor + arcadevga

Posted this on ggpo forums, but figured i’d post here cuz they don’t get nearly as much traffic :slight_smile:

recently got a blast city cab, and am trying to get it set up to run GGPO using a j-pac and arcadevga 3000. I’ve found info on mame about how to make games play at their native resolution, and make sure mame itself doesn’t do anything to change that (hardware stretching etc). This involved changing some config parameters in mame.ini (or via command line params) and using a tool called avres which creates ini files for each rom with the native resolution.

What I’m wondering is

  1. are there any params that I need to set for GGPO to have the same behavior (similar to the stuff here under “configure mame”)
  2. will the ini files for the roms generated by avres also work with GGPO, or will I have to do something different to set game specific resolutions there

any help is appreciated- thanks!

You do realize that GGPO uses FBA, not MAME, right? The big question is whether or not FBA will play with an arcadevga.

yes, that’s why I said I got it to work with mame but I’m wondering if/how I can do the same in ggpo (although I should have been more specific and said ggpofba). I know the hardware works fine with it, that’s not really the problem- I’m wondering what you need to do to config the software run the game as it natively runs (15/24/31khz) correct pix resolution etc. in mame this is done by setting some config values in the ini file or command line params (basically saying not to ‘process’ the signal I think) and then using a tool that processes all your roms and makes an ini file for each one with the (usually) correct res settings.

while mame and fba are not the same, some of the roms are compatible accross both and in general use the same rom files- that’s why I asked if you could re-use those ini files as well, or if there’s a different way.

These are the settings you want to use for native resolutions in FBA.

stretch > normal stretch

Full screen resolution > 392x240 for CPS2, 320x240/304x240 for Neo Geo depending on the game.

The real CPS2 native res is the 384x224, but 392x240 is an equivalent res that is supported by the AVGA by default, and you can use monitor controls to make it fit the whole screen. If you are a nutcase like me, you can program the real CPS2 res and refresh rate, but I would recommend trying 392x240 first.

thanks for the info. so are you saying I have to set each game manually? If I set this up once will the settings be remembered?

You can set it to one resolution and it will remember it.

However, if you play a game that uses a different res you will have to change resolutions. This isn’t a big deal, but might be a pain in the ass on a cab where you don’t have access to a mouse and keyboard so easily.

Alternatively, you could use two installations of GGPO and FBA, one for CPS2, and one for Neo Geo.

yeah… that was mainly the point of my asking. It seems in mame there is a way to set up config all at once and never have to touch anything again to get every game to automatically play in the original res/refresh, and I’d like to do the same in ggpo/fba. Ill be using a front end for everything, mame, ggpo, and pc games- so ideally i’m looking for a “power on and go” solution. Unless there’s some other way, I guess I’ll end up using the 2 installation solution.

I did see one guy who had some kind of ‘auto hotkey’ script to control the mouse via joystick/buttons. That’s not SO bad I guess- but it would just be a lot more slick if everything could be configured to do it silently.