Getting good at Third Strike


Hi, I’m Keni. I play in Vancouver, and although I’m not well known or uberskilled, I believe I can hold my own against top players.

Anyways, I’m making this thread to point newer players in the right direction. I’m seeing a lot of theoryfighters popping up these days with their clever 3S sTratZ which oftentimes include non-existant combos and generalized gameplay. I hate breaking their hearts but sounding smart on does not make you a better player.

Here are some “real” things that new(er) player could work on:

-**buffering + hit-confirm ** goes hand in hand. for example trying getting down Chun Li’s Away+HP x hadou x SA2, Ryu’s HP x HP hadou X SA1, or Ken’s Crouching+MK x hadou x SA3- these are easily hit-confirmable (with practice)

-get consistant with short short super. some people are only able to do it if they’ve been crouching already, which makes it 80% less effective.

-practice linking, especially if you mainly play a character that benefits greatly from it (e.g. Ken, Dudley etc)

-**tick throwing ** is an art itself. it is a vital part of the mix-up game and it will win you many matches. A good tick throw should be very fast and hard to see coming.

-**reverse ** all things that can be reversed. (e.g. Shippu a blocked x hadou) With practice this will become very natural and lets you capitalize on little mistakes.

-don’t whiff grabs/techs. If you wish to tech, do it crouching. it is 10 times safer

Execution seperates good players and better players I M H O. Things like “rush down on chun before she has bar!!!” & “karaclap 5 times!!” can come in later. Having a perfect execution is very important.

Don’t get obsessed with landing that one combo that you set your mind on doing, you’ll lose track of your play. an opening will come if you are patient.

That’s some 3S wisdom for now. Peace outside.


a new player should work a lot on positioning and using normals properly.
A good use of normal moves makes the difference quite often.


ALL of these examples can be red parried somewhat easily. In fact, Ken’s cr. forward cancelled to any hadou doesn’t even combo from about max range. If you were in the range to do that, you might as well have done shortshort anyway.

USUALLY, that hadou smacks you in the face, so you only get one hit of shippu in.

While it IS 10 times safer, that doesn’t make it safe itself (…which means whiffing throw is REALLY bad). You CAN be beat out by stronger, well-timed attacks and you can also be parried by people who like to cover their attacks with parries.

How is “rush down on chun before she has bar!!!” part of one’s execution? Also, even though you said you’re making this thread to steer theory fighters into the right direction, karaPALM 5 times doesn’t even come in handy later. It is VERY hard to get karapalm down consistently, but EVEN IF YOU DO (…which would be going theory fighter), you just pressed 15 buttons in 3 seconds to NOT EVEN GET 15 EXTRA POINTS OF DAMAGE on your combo.

Edit: If you actually meant karaCLAP for Hugo, don’t bother with it. You have to steer clear of f unless you want hcb + k, which makes it not too practical, considering you only get a TINY LITTLE bit of extra range.

Yes, execution is very important, but don’t take them to the extremes.

Do you BELIEVE you can or you CAN? No offense, just asking.


uhmm… no offense meant here, but i think you’re missing the point: he was trying to say that one must have good execution BEFORE he can even go into ADVANCEd shit like kara-palm and whatnot (atleast, advanced in comparison to proper/accurate execution). peace :tup:


…I’m saying that karapalm is too advanced for EVEN ADVANCED PLAYERS. We all know KO, Pyro, and all the others can do it, but do you see them doing karapalms AS MUCH AS THEY CAN, WHENEVER THEY CAN?

That’s why I added “(…which would be going theory fighter)”.


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I never said anything of ass material.

Going into a thread without even contributing anything just to call someone an ass is ass material.


tru dat


Picking his post apart with weak arguments is the toppest tier of “ass material”.

The reversal tip was for AFTER blocking the fireball. He’s right, you’re wrong.

If you’re going to tech anyway, you SHOULD be ducking to do it. Of course if you guessed wrong you’ll get hit, that has nothing to do with whether you ducked or not. You’re arguing something he didn’t even say.

You basically repeated what he said with a bunch of useless shit tacked onto it.

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