Getting good at Third Strike

your yun is weak, and you cant beat anyone good.

now now, dont be hatin :sad: was just commentin’ that the thread went hay-wire, but now its back on track… (or atleast it was :P)

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Eh, that’s true.

Keni, sorry about the thread.

So the option select tech is useful with ALL characters?

And yea make sure to post the vid on or something fellas. It’d suck to make us “international EVO attendees in spirit” guys miss out on the good stuff. Don’t ask Thongboy to do it either, coz some people want it Tuesday.

Never seen ThongBoy play either. Should be interesting stuffz.

A friend showed me this thread and was talking down about you. I totally disagree though.

Smart move. I’ll back you up on that. You can never tell who’s good or not just by the stuff they write online anyway. Not to sound like a fanboy, but if pryo is hyping the guy up, I would reconsider if I had made a bet already too.

Keep in mind players DO have a tendency to hype up other players from their area though, even if they know their friend/player from same area isn’t that good anyway. It’s natural to want to overexaggerate a little.

He’s definately no scrub if he plays with these FFA guys (who I know are good), but this guy might only be average and his friends are just hyping him remember.

From the way he writes, my first impression is the guy is pretty good though… But yeah, no way to be sure.

Money$$ > some stupid online pride thing any day. I say still bet it, just lower the stakes a little. $50 maybe, depending on how comfortable you feel gambling. All these other online trash talkers though, who actually DON’T play anybody you know who is good already, bet it… bet it… bet it… :badboy:

Keni is my hero!


Jeez. This got ugly quick.
oh well. I want to see this, woo!
First 5star vs the korean dude, then this~~~
awesome jawesome

no problem. now go make a “Getting top-tier at Third Strike” thread so I can ruin it :tup:

Yes and my cape says “The Real Man of Gold” wahahahha

hey maybe when he is in school he will learn what periods and commas are and maybe what caps lock can do to help your sentences that would be great huh sonny learning how to use those periods yes sir sure would

That’s focking ghey that I’m not gonna get my free $100. =[

Thomg boy did you ever do a part 2 to that great tutorial vid of 3S where Ryo Hazuki learns to play ?

Ok i bumped this old thread cause its hype…jus sayin but i do have a question. What things should i pay attention to and/or take note of while i play more skilled players to improve my game?

To start, I’d take a look at where they place themselves at all times. Are they the type that stays close in? Do they prefer to outpoke you? Are they waiting to catch your reaction move? A lot of this is based on where the opponent places himself and what tools become open at that point.

Take note of bars as well. If your opponent has a huge life lead, is he the kind that tries to end it with a KO punch, or does he err on the safe side and slowly try to whittle you away? Does the opponent tend to burn through EX easily or is he a miser with his meter?

Ask yourself questions about situations that you see when you play the opponent. Count the number of times that he may use a setup like tick throw or the Watson setups. Does the opponent like to throw out SRKs in an attempt to throw your reactions off? Does he try to parry a lot?

The questions you can ask during the fight are endless, but as you get better, you’ll end up picking up on things faster. Alternatively, you’ll start to whittle out questions that you don’t need to ask, particularly because you’ll learn to dominate the match more as you get better, both in knowledge and in application.

Thanks, from my experiences when i play better players they play maybe the first round or match feeling me out. Once they determine my weaknesses they kind of play off and just counter. how can i adjust to them playing off without playing into their strategy? like above for example, they dash up into my cr mk range and they anticipate me doing the cr mk because at this point in time i havent had any chances of getting dmg. so i throw out the cr mk and i get punished. Assuming that they are better or even much better how could i possibly do anything when they play this “counter” heavy style?

Found stuff on this post pretty useful. I’m trying to become much better as well

Scroll down to the bottom of the page past Alpha 2 information. It will talk more about ground game and how to improve

thanks for that Rictorxix :slight_smile:

I finally downloaded and completed 3rd strike last night, feeling a little underwhelmed with the suspicion that I have missed an epic page of gaming history. Also lol at that bonus stage car graphics xD

Been training for TFC, I notice a lot of sloppy execution and non confirms. I’m trying to tighten it up. Is there anything you guys use to keep focused and play like your life depends on it? I fall into that lazy mind trap of oh well i messed up , maybe I can guess my way back into the match. Or hey this guy didnt punish then the rest of my matches are sloppy by default.Anything would be greatly appreciated

Go to training mode and get your execution down.

Don’t get lazy and treat every opponent as an opportunity to learn something new, not just a punching bag.
Also, block more. It’s a hard habit to readopt after you get to a certain point but sometimes that’s the difference between a win and a loss: who blocks better.