Getting good with just one character or playing the whole cast? FADC'ing is hard. etc


Been in the street fighter game for years now and i bough a te stick not too long ago in good condition with my walmart gift(25 bucks. i gave him the card in exchange for the stick since he bought the new te stick) yeah the guy was pretty nice and wasn’t asking for much since he’s been playing SF before i was born (im 19 he’s in his mid 20s, but anyway)… yeah back on topic;

After I bought the stick the who sold me his old TE(Chris) and my old friend(Dean) started showin me the ropes since I’ve been playing SF4 on a keyboard since release this is a nice change of pace.

If anything I’ve noticed something about both of them: they are very good with the entire cast. I mean JWong and Mike Ross good. So I was wondering, how did they get so good? Is it possible for me too? To get good with the entire cast I mean. Sounds like a dumb question, but I just want to know.

Also since I’m now on a stick I can finally 720 with gief and also pull off some good shit with sagat and akuma that I could never do on a keyboard.

Damn I suck at being on track…lol. Yo what I really want to know is how I can pull of some links and shit that my partners were trying to teach me like plinking, kara techniques etcetera. I tried em with sagat and that’s about the only character i can do that with ( forward lk-> uppercut, grab, or knee motion). It’s really weird.

P.S. Jojo’s bizarre adventures seems so natural on a stick.


People that are good with a lot of characters are people who have played these kinda of games for a long time and have been playing street fighter 4 alone for a good year and a half.

Also, just because they can beat you with the whole case doesn’t mean they are ‘good’ with the whole cast. They might just be that much of a better player than you.

Just practice 1 character for a good while before you branch out. Visit the forum for that character, learn their combos and what their good normals are. Then move on to more advanced stuff. Have to walk before you can run.


i highly doubt they are j wong good with the whole cast. lol But I assume you exaggerate.

Anyway you first have to ask yourself why you are playing? If you are playing for FUN then sure play tons of characters to mix things up, keep it fresh, and have a good time learning everyone. With enough time, hard, work, you can learn them all. And if you have some natural talent you might actually be good with them all.

But if you are playing to WIN then dont do that. Any time spent on other characters could better be spent learning more about your main and their match ups. Maaaaybe at most learn 2 characters for any nightmare matchups.


It takes practice. Im mean, there is no way you’re going to get these things down if you dont keep on practicing. Thats how your friends got to where they are at skill wise.

Like the other guy said. If you just want to play to have fun and beast on fools with lots of different characters go for it. Learning shit will just take longer. No big deal. If you want to get into the tourny scene and you hope to become the next Daigo then stick to one or two characters.


good fundamentals provide a strong backbone to playing any character in the cast.

learning only character specific bnbs and character specific tactics won’t get you very far if you don’t have good fundamentals. any good player will know the matchup and do their best to counter and shutdown your character specifics, so thats where it will come down to having good fundamentals. in other words, you can’t win a match on bnb alone without good fundamentals (unless your playing a broken god-tier character in a broken game); however, you can win a match using good fundamentals and not even landing your bnb combo once.

to answer your question about links: it all comes down to timing. stop mashing.



Who are some of your mains, if you have any? If FADCing is hard for you, maybe use a character that doesn’t depend on it too much. Some characters don’t really need it… while others use it frequently. I would say FADCing is essential to using Ryu & Sagat. Others like Rufus and even Abel have nice FADC’s into Ultra 1. While just about every character has a use for FADCing, most are just for extra combo-damage, “get-out-of-jail-free-cards” if the move is blocked or to add pressure after a slow fireball. Many charge characters and grapplers don’t need to FADC too much.

Kara Throws:

Sagat’s lk. Kara into TU or TK is much easier than most kara’s. Ken’s toward+mk xx throw is an easy kara throw to tell if you’re doing it right. Ken moves forward a lot, so use the training room squares to test for yourself if you’re performing it right. Test a regular throw then a kara throw. It’s all about getting your fingers just the right distance apart so that when you press the buttons, the throw comes out slightly after the toward+mk. Or, you can just try to get used to the timing, but I found it much less reliable.


Kind of like kara throws. I try adjusting my fingers to where they hit the buttons at a frame or two apart. For practice, try these four p-links (p-links are in bold):

Sakura: cr. lk, cr. lp, cr. lp. + cr. mp xx special move —or— cr. lk, cr. lp, cr. lp. + cr. hp xx special move

Chun-Li: cr. lp x3, st. lp + st. hp

Akuma: (far) st. hk, cr. lk + cr. mk xx special move

Rufus: st. lk, st. lp + st. hp xx special move —or— st. lk, st. lp + st. mp xx special move

My Personal Take On The Topic:

I use a good chunk of the roster frequently, because it makes the game much more fun for me. I watch videos frequently and take good combos, strategies, resets, etc. people do to me in matches, and learn them in training mode. However, I’m currently scrub-like with about 90% of the cast when it comes to execution. What saves me is decent fundamentals and mind games (which only works consistently on intermediate and below players.)

I did learn some characters considerably more than others, just so I have a few that I can be somewhat competitive with. Unfortunately for me though, one of those (Sakura… who I’m probably best with as far as linking and execution goes) will always have trouble getting in on some characters. Those that she can get in on, she doesn’t want to be close to (Zangief.) So, I tried to learn characters that are somewhat the opposite of her, which lead me to Seth and Vega. Seth, like Sakura, is a stun machine but he also has good zoning tools and can hold his own up close. I play an altered hit-and-run Vega, but I throw in a lot of pokes, overheads, and throws with him. Matches I have trouble with when using Sakura are much easier for me with Vega (except blanka - he’s hard for both.)

There are many great articles on SRK, Eventhubs, Sonic Hurricane, etc. that can go more in depth about these topics. I’m not the best at linking, but for what it’s worth: My links suffer because I use most characters frequently. My timing gets thrown off because I can’t let my muscle memory get comfortable with one character. That alone might throw you off from wanting to use the whole cast.


Most people said it already. For casual fun play, using lots of characters is fine. But if you want to consistently win, you should stick to 1, 2, or 3 tops depending. Your main is the toon you want to get as good as you can possibly get with, but also is normally a toon that you find to be the most fun or a toon you just happen to be attracted to the most. Your secondary character should normally be a top tier character, or a character that counters the toon that counters your main. For example, you play sakura at a high level as your primary. She plays somewhat even with all characters, but gets pwnt by gief… well, your secondary character to learn should be a character like Ryu or Sagat because they pose a bad match up gief.

I normally just plan Ken, but I do play a little balrog too. I only switch if I start sucking with Ken. I’m not one who can switch characters all the time because of muscle memory. I hate when I pick Rog and start doing dp motions, or I pick Ken and start charging downback for no reason, haha.


Okay so to summarize what you’re saying is try and get good with one or two characters, focus on their respective bnb’s, specials, and techniques while at the same time figuring out how to time each respective characters FADC?

If so then I believe I understand the idea.