Getting Grabed out of my cross-up



i go to cross up with jlk , 2crlk,crlp,rekka but i get grabbed before i basically even land , as i understand attacks take priorty over grabs so how am i getting grab when i landing into 2 crlk that are fast


Should post simple questions here:

j.LK gives very little frame advantage on hit, and even less on block. If you do it too high, I think you’re also able to get a disadvantage on hit. Do it deeper.

Also, grabs have priority over attacks I believe, as the case would be when both moves collide on the same frame. Otherwise, everything is a matter of which comes first frame-wise. Anytime your attack or grab is beaten, consider that you may not have advantage to do it in the first place.


question, when you go for your cross up does your jlk connect or whiff? When I go for cross ups I use jmk/mp so on block I have enough block stun to start block string or bait block string and back dash DP mashers. That said if you miss option select jumpins even on cross ups. If you whiff on the cross up and buffer CW your CW will follow and if the other player goes for a throw they will eat a CW.

I do believe that Nosone is correct on grabs having priority over and attack. Then again crouch tech beats out throws as your active frames beat out the startup of the grab. So it may be confusing at times, so again use jmp/mk for cross ups and for more block/hit stun and buffer HKCW as you are landing.

Again dont always use the BNB for block strings. Smarter players as well as players who mash will go for reversals during your block strings if you mash out the same block string over and over and you will eat a DP or worst a Ultra


i connect with jlk before i land then go str8 into my crlp’s


also its not always the bnb combo sometimes i do 3 crlk,crlp,crhp, i was just asking cuase it happened in 2 seperate matches in ranked so i was curious. i only probably go for maybe 2 cross-ups a game so it wasnt a predictable thing i did.


So instead for going for standard cr.lp do crouch tech instead. So if they do go for the grab you will tech if timed correctly or score the hit as they were late with the grab. I always start my BNB or block strings with crouch tech to prevent a throw. Also don’t forget online with the occasional lag you will get thrown even if you feel your tech was perfect.


Not enough hit stun on the light kick. You’re getting thrown out of the start up on your low short because they recover before you. You have to hit it mad deep.

Crouching teching the low shorts as jason said is a good tip. I used to crouch tech my low short combos with Bison.


ok thank you i start ill practice that today, also jason24 on that jmp sometimes it doesnt cross-up it just lands me back in front of them like a overhead which would be kinda bad when i know they are mashing dp out on wake-up. sorry ima noob ive had this game 2 weeks


You have to learn the distance and it will become an ambiguous cross up and also remember to buffer the CW motion so if it does miss the jmp/mk and you hit kick as you land it will register as an option select and the CW will come out.


I was playing AE Fei-Long today. Man, he is so easy mode now. I looked over to see who was beasting on the other machine, it was no other than Arturo himself using Fei. Personally, I’m just gonna mash out EX rekkas in AE. Roooo.

PS No wonder vanilla Sagats switched to Fei. Wanted that character armor.


Really? Is mashing out EX Rekkas the X-factor for AE? Hm.


Wow, guys make is sound like EX-rekkas come with EX-armor, invincibility, unthrowable on startup,
1-frame startup, 2-frames of recovery, FADCable, etc… are they really that good? I’m getting more of the feeling people are just using them now opposed to using them in Super because they suck. All bullshit aside they weren’t that bad in Super, you could get away with using 1 or maybe, maybe 2 without being punished due to the push back they cause, Fei’s hitbox was a little better with these allowing you to punish certain lows that would normally interrupt a normal rekka and they did ok damage. But i guess people only like to use moves that are completely safe in Street Fighter to consider them good. IDK. You guys are getting to play AE, not me so what do i know.


I might be frustrated but I’ve got my eye on yang in AE anyway