Getting Happ Bezel Off?

Hey guys,

Quick question. I have a SFAC stick and I have all the buttons off except the damn select button. It seems every time I try to use the happ pushbutton wrench on it, the thing slips almost as if the bezel holding the button in is stripped. Any alternate ways of getting the button out? I don’t mind breaking it in the process but I’d obviously rather not. Thanks.

bezel? You mean the nut?

No easy way, there was lots of glue on the buttons that came in my stock sticks as well.

Unless you’re trying to replace artwork or something, i’d recommend just leaving those nuby start/select buttons alone. For the purpose they do their job perfectly fine.

And finding a size button that fits just right is a pain. For example I used some semitzu 30mms i think, and they fit but were too short to be secured properly. I ended up having to improvise with ghetto methods(cement glue) there…but got’em in there securely. Still sucked.

I’m actually doing the happ parts mod using arcadestickmonks guide and was going to take off the plexi and art to get at the screws so I can get the base of the old stick out. I tried doing it the way suggested in the guide and its pretty difficult for me but I guess I’ll have to stick with that. Thanks for the help.

Cool. The SFAC stick was my very first mod as well.

Arcade sticks really are SIMPLE tech. Nothing but an empty wooden or plastic box, with controls mounted on top, a controller PCB inside, wiring connecting from the buttons to the PCB, and finally the cord at the end of the PCB leaving the box to connect to the console outside.

Once you do one full mod successfully, future jobs are cake.

I’d recommend also replacing that lousy SFAC PCB with a quality one, like for PSOne. You can buy pre-hacked/soldered/wired PCBs from members around here, where all the work is done for you. Then its just a matter of putting the PCB inside & securing it, and then connecting the wires to the correct buttons.

Yeah, I’m picking up ps2 pcb from Truckasaurus, the pcb I had in there was 8v so it wouldn’t work with converters. I did a sanwa swap for the se stick before this, so this job was looking super easy. This stick base is just driving me crazy though, it’s gonna be a while before I get it out.