Getting Hatemailed alot? c.c



So, yes. Ive started SF4 since the PC release, and i know im still far far away from loosing my scrub status. Though, ive learned alot during that time thanks to these forums and videos…

My main was Chun li, and ive never received a single hatemail on her, always a GG or a nice sweet talk. Now, for 2 days i started Vega… He is so much damn fun, i love that clawman and im getting better each day. And now as i started winning G2 Finals a mail came in. I opened it, not thinking any bad, and there it was… oO

“kay, nearly 7k GP and no skill. Jesus Christ, go kill urself pls” Is one of the more subtle mails i started receiving ^^…

So, question is. Youre getting much more hatemails with Vega then with your other alts or mains? Does playing Vega did make you more evil online? xD


I have so much hate mail it’s not true…my style really winds people up.
If anyone wants to see any, check this page:

More pics soon…


Someone called me a chink for grabbing too much. Then he went on some rant about Pearl Harbor. I’m Pakistani and Mexican. :rofl:


i play mostly rushdown so not a lot of hatemail for me.
sometimes i send hatemail to turtles who have no idea what to do once they lose the lead for making me waste my fucking time with their shitty “playing”


I’ve only actually gotten a couple hate mails, mostly those same racist XBL people that no one wants to associate with anyways. I’ve gotten quite a few GG’s and one “Holy shit Vega!?”


well the hatemails I get aren’t that aggressive but stupid nonetheless.

  • “pussy”
  • “faggot vega!!!”

I mean… come on Vega’s not faggot nor pussy, he’s just… beautiful. =P


Vega could be homo but that’s really none of our business. Leave the poor guy alone!

Honestly though I love playing Vega because he pisses people right off. Nothing feels better than tossing your claw and mask, then stuffing a Ken’s whiffed ultra with bloody high claw. Even without getting hatemail you know the other player is probably stomping their controller in frustration, haha.


old, but it still makes me giggle


I frequently get mails thanking me for not playing a shoto.


like i have said before vega cant be gay…no man would even meet vegas standards! he would only make love to himself


lol…this just cracks me up…

I just beat the average 5000gp Sagat in an almost flawless victory.
3 minutes later he writes the following:

“negative rep for not fair play”

this made me laugh. =)

then I replied: “yeah you’re right. picking god tier Sagat against the worst character in the roster is indeed unfair.” seriously dude… where was I unfair? You’re laughable."

he replied: “take another char and stop crying.”

well… ^^


^^God tier?


Yeah… Sagat is considered being god tier because he has the upper hand in almost every match up in this game.

Personally I don’t give a shit about who’s strongest or weakest… otherwise I wouldn’t play Vega. =)

Just thought it would be funny confronting that jerk with that fact.
I really can’t stand those generic players anymore.

On the way to the 11k gp I accumulated I maybe met…

  • 7 Sakuras
  • 6 Gens
  • 6 Sims
  • 10-15 Claws

you name it…

I just want the people to pour some more variety in this game.

sorry for that rather unnecessary rant. =)

moving on~


Hey we played before : O and yer irish too? seen the pics, was the one who said something about beer taking a shot at the nationality by any chance?


I haven’t really gotten any hatemail while playing as Vega, curiously.


I’d say definitely yes!!:rofl:

PS:What’s your GT mate?


Well my GT’s Shake Slimma, but I’m not sure if I played you on that or did I play you on my friends account (solarmagnum) cos I play sf mostly at his house so… but yeah, who do you main, just vega or?


The only character that makes me rage enough to even think about writing hate mail is Zangief. I can’t imagine how sitting there constantly pressing the lk.+mk.+hk. button is fun.

I win against these type of players most of the time but the matches are so unfun I still rage.


I’ve definitely played solarmagnum. I main Vega for sure…but I’ve been trying to use Gouken recently. Just for a change…


know what you mean, I’ve gone through like three characters and even if I’m doing really good with em I got bored, so now I play a few people so I don’t end up gettin bored, I’m tryin to do gouken and rose right now, anywho I’ll add ya if that’s alright, play some games or whatnot