Getting hit by anti-air FAs all the time!

Okay, I suck at SSF4 right now, that’s cool, I am secure enough in my manhood to admit it :wink:

I’m finding online that at times when I’m jumping at someone I get caught in the following scenario:

  • I jump in with a HK
  • They charge a FA
  • they absorb my HK and nail me with the focus

I’ve read on some of the other forums that trying to use an FA as an anti-air leaves you wide open, but obviously I’m not able to capitalize on it at all! Aside from “don’t jump” (which I agree with, but is not quite the purpose of this post) what sort of advice can you guys give me in terms of being able to avoid getting nailed by the FA on hit connect?

Need to know what character you play. Generally, if someone uses anti-air focus attack, you want to react and hit something with invincibility when you hit the ground. Like a dragon punch. This way, you’re invulnerable to the focus attack, and land the second hit to break focus. It can be tough if they time their focus well, though. Most people do it way to early.

well you can try doing an empty jump in grab. but in reality, you have to learn how to capitalize it

It depends how high in the air your jump-in gets focused, but you can always empty jump grab vs focus. You can also try doing your jump-in and mashing on throw like crazy, or mashing on DP.

If they do it a lot you can start empty jump grabbing them. That will teach them to be afraid of doing it too much.

Also when you jump in and they do focus you need to learn to block rather than trying to follow up the jump in. Unless it’s a lvl3 you’ll be able to block after they absorb the jump in attack.

Well, you really shouldn’t jump so much. There’s no way to avoid taking the hit without changing what you’re doing. FA’s aside, jumping in recklessly is going to get you hurt. But since that’s not the purpose of the post, here’s what you can do: Instead of jumping in with a HK, jump straight up in the air, let their FA whiff and punish them for it. After doing that a couple times, you might be able to jump in with a HK since you’ve trained them to be hesitant with the FA’s. Another option might be to jump at them without attacking and throw them before the FA hits. I’m not too sure who’s has the timing advantage in that situation, but I’d imagine for some players, not absorbing the expected hit might throw off their timing.

the 2 easiest ways that come to my mind are to mash a dp on the way down if you have one, but they could just focus absorb your jump-in and then backdash your dp if you get predictable with it, or you could backdash to avoid their focus attack.