Getting hit by stupid jump ins

i have allot of trouble getting hit with jump ins that aren’t perfectly aimed. meaning its not close enough or high enough to dash or walk right under it and its not at the right arc for any of chun’s anti-air normals to work.

i heard its good to dash as soon as they jump so that you can walk under them at the height of their jump.

what do you all do against specifically dudley and ken players who jump in all day at weird arcs.

i parry if its right in front of me and tend to far or back fierce (too much) when they are at the right distance in front of me. but what do i do if they are just outside far fierce distance with their jump/hitboxes.

blocking is good but lets them pressure too much. maybe red parry?
anyway what do you all do?

straight up jump doesn’t work for you?

do that flip kicky thing that shit is tyte

Yeah man, Down+ Forward + HK = dope shit!

it works a few times a match before it gets parried. i should do it more though, how late can you do it and still get a clean hit?
i suppose this might be the best answer for ambiguous jump ins b/c at least you won’t eat a huge combo even if you get smacked in the face.

lol flipkick. there should be a chun challenge to see who can land that move the most without getting parried. ume flipkick ftw!

I was watching a Nuki vid and noticed he used Chun’s cr.short to actually go under early jump-in attacks. Again, any jump-in attacks that are not meaty or delayed. You really have to watch the application of this to get it down.

I have seen some matches where his Chun clearly ducks under her opponents attack, hitting them under before they even hit the ground. I mention this in one of the vids I reviewed in the Chun thread I posted for my training with her. What is funny is that even though he hits them under JUST before they hit the ground

  1. there is no situation where you cant walk under, dash under, or normal when its face to face, meaning you not getting set up by ken SA3 then mixups.

  2. its not completely necessary to dash at the moment they jump, you can dash a little after they jump. i dont recommend this on akuma, and vs alex you would have to dash earlier since his j.hp arcs low.

  3. i like to input this vs dudley. parry~lp~lp, if it parries, the 2nd lp comes out as an anti air, if it doesnt parry, the first one will come out as an anti air. of course, the slightest change can counter this, but it works in general. ken’s jumpins arent soo scarey imo, you can trip guard them with’s, and they go under all of his jumpins. i would walk back, and when you think he will throw out a normal let go of back (so you arent forced to block) and this is at a neutral distance, if he is close and jumps, dash under. from there you can do stuff like f+hk, s.hp, pokes or w/e. however, i dont recommend dashing into the corner. i like to jump back with double fierces if the opponent is near cornered. keep in mind beats any normals and neutral jumps, it only loses to parrying vs ken. dudley im not sure, his jumpin game is pretty good, but just keep trip guarding those 2. and if dudley jumps in near either block or do that parry~lp thing.

  4. if you back fierce too much, and they jump in when you press one, your options are limitted. keep the back fierce spam a little further, and when they are in jump in range be prepared to anti air. if you spam and they like to jump, you can also, but back fierce anti air isnt good in that situation, since you stand up and will get hit.

  5. blocking is always good, but vs dudley, that could mean trouble. also keep in mind after you lp anti air them, to block to see if they reversal super or EX jet upper.

It’s called ‘trip guarding’ huh? Interesting. Why is that?

trip guard is a mechanism that allows a player to block low after jumping in, but only if he did not input a move while in the air.

so if dudley empty jumps, he can block low immediately upon landing, but if does j.RH for example, he is vulnerable to chuns xx super when he lands.

Awesome. Your reply was to the point. I didn’t know this.

If it recovers in air you can block low no?

no because you still did the move. im pretty sure because it felt like it happend to me, but maybe someone can re-test and give a 100% answer. my case was with alex, i got trip guarded after it recovered

Dont even jump with chun li. No need too

Yeah some testing would be great. And what if you input a move but it doesn’t get executed completely (like TOO late j.roundhouse…you get the first animation but the entire attack doesn’t come out) are you ‘safe’ then?

I’m pretty sure trip guarding varies with each character, so to fully understand how it works, you might want to test that with all of the characters.

I don’t think you can get hit if you do the attack real early in the air.

How did I end up in a chun thread?

^The legs, man. The legs.

No, you can get hit if you do a move early in mid air…if you do a late roundhouse like when alex does it, you can block when you hit the ground.

I know that for a fact because just yesterday that happened.

If you do ANY move in the air you are 100% vulnerable when landing. You can not block the instant you land if you do a move in the air. Even REALLY late moves like Alex’s Jumping Fierce is completely vulnerable to a from Chun (her and Yun/Yang are the only two who can really punish this via trip guard, because they’re so short while crouching). In fact, beats every single one of Alex’s jump in attacks clean except for jumping short and maybe jab.

lol it’s always a damn exception with Yun Yang and Chun. Damn chinese lol jk