Getting hit during a focus attack lengthens charge time? + CODY Bug v2012

  1. Bug:
    LVL 3 Focus, dash forward, ex rocks will fly through Sagat (and sagat only as far as I have tested). any other character gets hit. back dash => ex rocks will hit aswell. seems to be the same sort of bug as juri’s (or something). this worked in super/ae.

  2. In the video, it’s also visible that the training dummy doesn’t throws ex rocks when I hit him during the focus attack. this could mean that getting hit during a focus attack “interrupt” the charge frames during the actual hit, taking longer to come out.


Nothing glitchy about it, the hitboxes just doesn’t agree with you. Hitting someone with armors apparently renders a small amount of hitfreeze.

that’s exactly what I mean tho. I’ve never heard of it nor did I read about it anywhere. I never said it’s a glitch or bug, I just wanted to mention it :wink:

The title said “bug”, so I though… Oh well, it’s interesting nonetheless.

Yeah bug is another name for glitch because a bug can be anything that an intent is not made to be done so.

Title: Getting hit during a focus attack lengthens charge time? + CODY Bug v2012

two parts - and that part IS a bug.

The hitfreeze that occurs when hitting an armored moved is nothing new. It’s the reason why FA backdash prevents OS’s from coming out.

If instead you meant that the impact freeze allows charge characters to charge for longer, then that’s something I’m less sure about, but I think is probably true. You’d have to ask someone like desk or Maj about that.

like how fuerte becomes slower when hes getting hit during ex

Until we get new hitbox images, we can’t totally confirm it, but I agree that it is likely hitboxes not cooperating with each other in this one situation. Alpha 3 players are pretty use to seeing this wonky point blank hitbox whiffing crap.

It took me a couple views/re-reads to understand what you were getting at on the second point. So, you’re saying the Focus Attack gains additional frames of animation, when charging for max Focus Attack, when armor absorbs a hit? Just trying to clarify so everyone is on the same page in this conversation. I also thought you were talking about charge characters gaining/losing charge at first.

since I doubt sagat’s hitbox was intended to change at all, I’d call it a bug. I didn’t show it but it works against every other character and against him before the patch aswell.

as for the second part: hitting one during the focus attacks “interrupts” the charge frames to my understanding (simply a guess, could be another mechanism behind it): a normal FA would take, say 38 frames to charge fully and hit. now take an example where you get hit on the 20th frame. I think it’ll now look like this: 20 charge frames, 2 frames hit, 18 charge frames resulting now in 40 frames of charge time (even tho it’s still 38 frames for the move itself). I think those 2 frames don’t affect the ingame time, but simply the real life time, hence “hitfreeze”. I can be wrong about everything of course. I simply didn’t know that yet nor did I ever read anything about it (not that it’s very important anyway) so I just mentioned it.

IIRC, there were some glitches you could do wtih Sagat’s crumple animation before, so maybe they fixed that, and this happened as a result.