Getting hit out of Gigas Breaker

What is the trick to getting hit out of Gigas? I mean, I’ve seen it quite a bit as of late, usually by a crouching move, but occasionally a standing one. :looney:

As I understand it, the Gigas starts up in 1 frame, and is invincible during startup. the actual grab comes out in frame 2 and grabs anything not invincible, out of ragne, or airborne. Everything else should be sucked in, but yet I am getting hit out of it.

Am I missing something here? If I am not mistaken, I got the frame numbers right. Not like it is a sore point, just trying to make sense of it…

If a move makes your opponent hover a little bit, they’re technically “airborne” so that’ll hit you out of Gigas. For example, if someone predicts you’re gonna Gigas on wakeup, they can Universal Overhead on wakeup to make you feel stupid.

Two other airborn moves include Chun’s far roundhouse and Elena’s b+rh, both of which can hit Hugo during Gigas activation if timed properly.

Well, Chun’s and Elena’s moves I knew about (they are airborne, after all). UOH’s are as well, so that doesnt baffle me. It is stuff like getting thrown out of Gigas or getting hit out by a low short/jab that has me puzzled. I was playing against my 6 year old daughter a few weeks ago and she was using Chun. I was using Hugo and tried to Gigas her (she was crouching and my daughter was jamming on short). The short hit me out of it, and Chun was at point blank range. The CPU does this a lot more frequently as well. Needless to say, my daughter laughed at me…

If the frame math is correct, Chun should have been sucked up by the Gigas. If it came out earlier, it should have missed, since the first frame is invincible. On the second frame Gigas grabs, so she should have gone up for a spin. MAybe the hitbox for physical hits out prioritizes the throw hitbox, or Hugo doesnt have full invulnerability. Of course, that doesn’t explain getting thrown out of Gigas by regualr throws…

if you’re using gigas setups, half the time whiffed gigas or being thrown/hit out of gigas is due to your opponent being in a state where he can’t be grabbed, he’s either recovering from blockstun/hitsturn/still being on the ground/airborne.

what happens is that after your setup, where you’re buffering and committing gigas you gigas a frame too early, and whiff the gigas on the their last few unthrowable frames, then get hit, as your opponent tried to do something stupid like attack you.

just stick to hammer frenzy anyway. gigas is entirely dependent on you guessing right and punishing your opponent. good opponents will not put themselves in situations where gigas is an option very frequently.

The best part of gigas is the fear, makes your opponent more predictable, since he won’t meatie with grounded attacks ever against you.

I’m using Hugo too One day I got hit out of it with Urien’s Croushing Hp even it’s not an airborn move

I can understand being hit out of it because of range. Many times I’ve tried grabbing Urien, only to be kicked in teh face by his standing roundhouse. Not airborne, but he moved out of range. There are just sometimes where he gets hit out and it isnt because of being out of range, airborne, or doing it too early. I’ve done to Chun Li dash up to her while she is crouching. Point blank range on a non airborne, crouching opponent, and she nails me out of it with cr short.

Wish I could get it on tape…

Yep, i use to pick megaton press to keep them out of the air against me :rofl:

I have a question about Gigas/SPD

Back in the SFII games (I don’t know about Alpha/other games), if your opponent extends a limb, it can be grabbed by Gief/Hawk if they’d normally be out of range because the throw range gets added on because of the hitbox or whatever of the limb. I know it was considerably toned down from Super SFII because of how Gief could just reversal SPD Sim all day, but I believe there still is more range if your opponent sticks out a move that doesn’t hit you out of the animation.

I’m wondering if this is still possible, like if somebody were to throw out a cmk with Ken, does his throwable range for the 360 become the “ankle” of the cmk, or is that kind of esoteric/impossible/the range doesn’t change. If this is possible, what about on reaction to a block… should gigas whiff from max range blocked Ken cmk for example? I’d love to test it myself, but all my stuff is still packed from moving.

I haven’t seen this discussed, thanks if anybody knows.

Here’s how it works. Each character has a “offensive hit box” and a “vulnerable hit box” (there might be a third box, but it’s irrelevant for the example). “offensive hit boxes” are attacks that when moved in direct contact with “vulnerable hit boxes” cause state changes (hit stun/block stun/life loss etc.)

While Ken is standing in neutral, he has several “vulnerable hit boxes” that lie hidden underneath his sprite (actually they’re invisible, but whatever), when Ken presses both his “vulnerable hit box” and his “offensive hit box” extend on his animated c.MK. So technically yes, you could grab a ken out of his whiffed/startup animation of c.MK. It’s much more practical though, to counterhit/whiff punish his with your own c.Mk though.

Thanks a lot, that’s good stuff.

I was thinking that 3s is too fast a game to do that kind of thing. (I mean fast in vulnerable/hitting frame wise, as you pretty much said)

I doubt I’ll try to use it as a tactic, but just knowing that I might get some more range can help me get a few more grabs in.