Getting HORI Fighting Commander 4 to work with USF4

I read this controller is supposed to be plug and play but the game is not recognizing it, I can see the pad’s
config menu just fine in my control panel, its just the game I am having issued with.

Is there some secret word to make it work or what?

Have you tried both modes (ps3 and ps4)?

Did you plug in the controller before or after you start the game?

try pressing home when it’s plugged in

let me know how this works out. I want to pad hack it into Hori Edge. Also is there an 8 minute timeout issue with this pad like the phreakmod pcb??/

No, it is a licensed pad
It works fine, modded like 50 sticks with it already

On PC?

It works fine for me on PC but IIRC you MUST plug the pad in before you launch USF4 or it won’t recognize the pad.