Getting in and staying there



I’ve been playing a lot of dudley recently, and it’s really hard for me to get in… i just start jumping too much which just leads to a lot of parrying and empty jump throws. I really have no idea how to get in, if i try to just stay grounded it seems like i just get inched into a corner due to other chararacters’ low moves/shoulder/dashpunch/etc… Any and all dudley tech is welcome!


Hold them down by the shoulders and shove it in.


Ask her nicely first.


Let me see if I can leave some relevant advice here. I used to jump in a lot but later found out just about every character has great anti air moves. You can use it but don’t abuse it and be predictable. To prevent them from pushing you into the corner, this is when you utilize Dudley’s pokes. My favorites being S. HP,F+HP, S. MP, D+MP, D+MK, etc. If you see an opening or whiff, punish them with a ducking straight.

IMO I think to have a strong Dudley you need great defense along with knowing how to put pressure offensively. Dudley runs off of the mix up offensive pressure game. Guessing hi and low and CORKSCREW BLOW!