Getting In Close...

I just recently started using N-Haoh/Kyo/Akuma. I’m still not firmly settled on the groove choice yet, but that’s not my main concern at this point. What I’m wondering is tactics on how to get in close to an opponent, mainly with Kyo and Akuma.

For what he is, I use Haoh effectively (poking it up), but I feel like I need to be in close to do some damage with Kyo and Akuma. It’s really tough, especially against Sagat. So I’m wondering what are some good tactics for getting inside, so I can actually utilize these characters?

Thanks for feedback.

umm… run in???

lol, no but seriously. jump in, run in, dash in, roll in are all good ways to get in. however, if your having trouble using some of those then your probably playing against a decent sagat, and if your playing against a decent player i’ll assume, your decent also, which means you already know these ways to get in.

there only 2 other"decent" ways to get in that i know of: use a command move that moves you forward.

and let your opponent come to you.

but i dont think this is what your talking about as you probably know this. i guess u ned help in solving sagats telegraphs. the reason nobodys probably going to give you any advice is because your question is too general. your not telling us what this sagats doing to keep you out.

so my best advice is to read my posts in the " how to teach a noob cvs2" in this forum. and the “ok i’m now a serious beginner” thread in the third strike forum .

i talk alot about how to read your opponent in those threads.


dont jump or roll in. shit’s bad.

yep,shit is the TRUTH!!!

i rarely jump in or roll in, but if sagats is abusing cr.fierce, in a moronic way, i see no reason why i shouldnt punish him in an obvious way.

dude was simply looking for good ways to get in so i told him, if i roll once per round and i know why i’m doing it i’ll rarely get punished, same with jumping.

i dont advocat either of these (on cvs2) but knowing ALL your options> knowing 1 or 2.

so yeah dont jump FORWARD or roll much, just know that they’re there.

Amoc and I are dealing w/ the same Sagat player. I’ll specify: he likes to throw out random low fierce and standing lk, mk, fierce and hk. Amoc’s having trouble not getting hit by this random bs. I’m using K now, and I’m just trying to work on jd’ing my way in there, but also I’m still having trouble. Although, my team has had much better luck than Amoc’s lately against mystery Sagat player, who we’ll just call Gimpy. He doesn’t post on here, and I don’t think he knows what a computer is, so call him whatever you like! My new team is K-Boxer, Guile, Blanka. New to K altogether, and I’m liking it much more than C.

pick better characters, that’s a start. N-haoh is a bad choice. he’s such a zoning character that getting in close should be what you’re trying to avoid because that also means your OPPONENT is in close. N-chun or N-iori are MUCH better choices and probably the 2 best characters in N-groove.


Yeah, I do have a problem specifically with Sagat. The guy I usually play also uses Joe and a random third character, usually shoto, Sak or Rugal. I always blow past his first two guys, usually just with my r1 Haoh, but Haoh usually next to no health by the time I get to his r2 Sagat, and Sagat always crushes my Kyo and especially my Akuma.

So yeah, more specifically, what are some good tactics against Sagat, I guess. Usually it’s his random fierces that kill me. But all of his standing kicks pose a pretty good problem for me too. The main problem these all give me is their range. Before I can even get remotely close with Kyo or Akuma, he throws one of these out, and if I block I’m still gettin pushed further back than I wanna be. So what are some tactics for getting around Sagat and his zoning.


I don’t use Haoh for getting in close. He’s actually my best character in CvS2 (unfortunate, given his many shortcomings). For what he’s worth though, I play him effective enough. I zone like crazy and pick and choose a mix up of pokes and it seems to work well. Kyo and Akuma are a totally different story. With Haoh, i have an effective gameplan. I zone and poke my opponent out of my established zone. But with Kyo and Akuma, who I’m really asking about, I feel like I need to play rushdown to truly utilize them, but I have a problem getting in close and doing so with them for some reason. So I guess I’m just asking how to get in close with these two characters, but more specifically, against someone who zones with a character like Sagat who has mashing unstoppable random fierce.

To Diablo:


well… youre talking about the best character in the game, using some of the tools that make him the best…

the quick answer on how to get in on this player is, i dont know.

simply because all players have different timings, if i were to actually see this player play i could give u an idea on what to do based on how he times his moves therefore telegraphing them. i also have no idea how to play akuma or haoh, i also dont play kyo, however otk has one of the best kyo’s ive seen. u should try to find some vids of him playing, it’ll give u a better feel for what kyo does.

but thats just a copout, i can help u but it’ll take alot of typing which i aint good at.

when this mystery player uses his pokes he’s not being “random” if he was being random youd find it a hell of alot easier to get in on him. that having been said, your job is to try and find out HOW he uses his pokes: what is his primary wiff punisher? when he uses his cr.fierce WHY does he use it: to do damage, to keep you away, to cancel super, for guard damage? chances are when he uses it he,s not doing it for ALL these reasons, he’ll switch up his reasoning as the match goes on.

when he does st. lk does he use it mainly as a wiff? or as a “fake”? or does he like to make contact with it and or try and stuff your poke attempts? whats his ratio on his cr.fierce to st. lk attempts? ie. GENERALLY, 3’s for one fierce, or 2 fierces for every as an example. when he’s playing keepaway does he use runaway “cable and rolento style” or does he use active “dhalsim” style.

when he uses his fierces does he use them “onspeed” or “offspeed”.

ie. does he always use them at max range or does he wait inside range for a bit before doing one??

the best questions lead to the best answers.

also you must be getting in on this fool at least twice per match so, your problem might not be getting in on him but staying in on him. so instead of trying to hit confirm bnb you might want to do something a little more solid on him the FIRST time you get in such as a tick throw into 50/50’s if u are not already doing that.
'cuz the hit confirm pokes push you out.

getting in on any keepaway character is nothing more than a mind game, every poke
they use is a potential way to get in, find out there patterns then use them against them.

hope some of this helped, but if not i speak more on telegraphs in the “ok i’m now a serious beginner” thread in the 3rd strike forums.

learn this shit then go “miyagi” on that bitch.:nunchuck: :nunchuck: :nunchuck:



Thanks for taking the time, man. You’ve been a great help and I really appreciate it.

glad to be of help.

also most of this is way easier said than done, so give it some time just keeps these techniques in your head when you lose so u can figure out why you lost. watch that player when somebody else is playing him. trying to figure out enough telegraphs so that you can win in game is hard. but thats why some tourney players> others. good luck!

How about just walking forward??

jumping and rolling is an important part of rushdown. that’s like all i do with iori

you just gotta make sure you either go over/through some move, you’re opponent isn’t prepared to counter it (usually because he’s looking for something else), or position your roll/jump so that it’s difficult to counter

omg typo…YOUR noob!

Roll super?

I like to spam whatever forward moving attack I have.


shit lookin like 1999 in here


+1 @ buktooth 4 truth … roll + jump = best way to get in