Getting in on a Fei Long

Hey Guys,

I seem to be getting out poked by a friends Fei Long, and I’m looking for some new ideas to try. Generally speaking, when playing the footsies game, I use medium kick for a general purpose poke, and Standing roundhouse or crack kick for a suprise long range poke. However, this Fei Long loves to use crouching medium punch, and crouching string punch as his poking tools, which will cause Standing roundhouse and Crack Kick to Whiff (sometimes punishing it), and I find that I don’t have the reaction to counter poke with medium kick (maybe thats something I need to work on?). But what I was hoping to find out was what other people use in this match up.

while he pokes out of reach (=when the poke is actually active or you anticipate it) => throw a rock or buffer a mk ruffian / cu into a as counter hit poke
when he pokes within reach => simply block and keep your buttons still. observe and “jiggle” yourself forward. until you can get some pressure on.
if he is mid range and does nothing (or pause between pokes) => observe and be carefully with rocks due to chicken wing, tho you can beat chicken wing by hk ruffian for instance. u can also bait it with fake rock.

btw, we have a “matchup thread”. just for the next time.