Getting in on my opponents (SFXT)

Now I’ve been playing this game since release and I’ve been able to figure out some 20+ combos with my Juri/Asuka team;however, I seem to be having trouble getting in on my opponent in order to do these combos. To be a little clearer, usually I am either getting out poked or they anti air me. There are also times where they continue to block all of my attacks and they counter me before I can grab them. Also times where they get jump ins on me and I can’t seem to do anything about it, as sometimes my anti air (Juri’s c.HP) misses sometimes. I guess maybe the problem is also getting the opponent off me.

I seem to have had this problem in other fighters as well, so I’m hoping this will be the game I can finally stop this problem.

So what I’m asking is, what is a good way to practice on getting in on my opponent and getting them in the position that I want them to be in order to finally be able to pull off my combos? Should I practice and find the normal’s that work the best and could beat most pokes? Some advice would be a appreciated :).

Hopefully I’m making sense lol.

You can either study the frame data to discover frame traps in your attack strings, or play by feel, and experiment with ways to get in on someone. You’ll have to rely primarily on your ability to avoid fireballs and low attacks, to gain ground on your opponent. Experiment with your attack chains and combos, focusing on the ones that you can use at mid-to-close range. For example, Kazuya has the ability to wave-dash up to his opponent while avoiding high moves and projectiles, while being vulnerable to low attacks. Against certain matchups, this could be useful. Several Tekken characters have moves that get around fireballs, utilize those. Heihachi has attacks that moves his body forward while attacking, and puts him into the perfect position to deploy his ground game, some of these attacks even combo into his chains.

So basically I should find moves that can also help me go through certain attacks?


It sounds like you aren’t hit confirming well, so what you can do is go into training mode, set the dummy on random block, and practice recognizing if you can go into your combo safely or not. For example, with Ling, she hit confirms into a combo from two light punches; if the two light punches don’t connect, then she needs get out of there and make herself safe with a block string, special move, or what have you. It sounds like what you need to be doing is figuring out what moves you can use to hit confirm into your combos so you know that they are safe, and beyond that how to recognize if your hit confirm was successful or not. The first part you should be able to get from the character forums; for the second part, as I said earlier, you can set dummy in training mode to random block, and practice confirming that an attack hit, and either going into your combo from there, or breaking it off into something safe. This also relates to the problem with getting in that you are having; if you learn strong footsies and which pokes can be hit confirmed into combos, you will be able to apply pressure safely, and convert into big damage when you do connect with a hit. I mean, yeah, it’s a Street Fighter game, so you have to know how to get around fireballs, but it sounds like your problem goes beyond that into figuring out how you can take your training mode combos into a real match; learning your characters footsies and hit confirms are what you should be working on.

Yeah I should of probably said “Been playing fighting games for about a year” or something less silly :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s probably my problem, thank you very much for the advice! That’s probably something I should of been working on in the first place :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been having this problem since SSF4 and I really need to fix it because it’s what mostly gets me K.Oed. Time to hit the lab then, thank you very much!

If you’re playing just to do combos, of course you’re going to lose. You’re not respecting your opponent’s options. Combos are tools, not the way you play the game.

Understandable. I guess I was too stupid to realize that, Combos are only just tools, as you just said, and I should of been really training on other important things like Footsies, pokes, etc. After AmishOpiate’s post, I’ve been trying to learn hit confirming and It’s a little harder then I thought, but with practice I’ll get it. When it comes to fighting games, I used to think that combos are everything, but that’s not the case. It’s not that I only learn combos, it’s just I was learning combos first, but I guess that wasn’t a good idea on my part lol.

Maybe I should probably post videos of some matches and hopefully get some advice on how to improve.

Combos are important, but you need to have WAYS to land them. Anti-air, off jab pressure, off crossups, anti-fireball, off invincible reversals, etcetera.

Combos are the easiest thing to learn on your own so it’s understandable to mess around with them a lot. But learning how to anti-air, how to zone, and how to rush down ‘safely’ are all more valuable.

I have some good combos with my characters, I guess for now I should probably practice in all the categories you listed. Hit confirming is something I definitely need to practice on, but anti-airs also because the opponent jumps in on me way too much. I really want to get good at this game, so I really need to be in the lab for quite awhile.

Thank you for the advice guys!

EDIT: I think I should also lay off the online, sometime the lag hits and I end up dropping stuff for no reason. Or at least fight someone with good connection.