Getting in/Opening people up


Hey guys,

I have an embarrasing problem/question. It seems to be impossible for me to open people up in UMVC3. The last couple of months i have been busy trying to get my combo’s together and learning various ToD combo’s. This was really fun, because who doesn’t love grinding it out in training mode. But al this work seems to be worthless when I can’t even open some one up. It’s like al their buttons beat mine. They just sit there mashing that magic series and when i try to punish the launcher i just get a block and they repeat the process. My reactions are pretty decent( have been playing FG since i was 6) I just sit there blocking most of the match because sometime(most of the time) i can’t even get one hit in.

My team is:
]Doom.Hidden Missles
[*]Ammy.Cold Star

Alot people have been saying, just go for it. And even when i do that i get punished like there is no tomorrow. So my question is how do you practice opening people up, I don’t mind putting in the work. But is there anyway to train this? I really love doing combo’s and i have my characters to a decent level combo-wise(Is that even a word?).

Is there anyone who might have faced the same problem and could give me some advice? Whatever scratch that i need advice period!

Excuse my poor english. And i apologize if this question has been asked before but search couldn’t help me.



Watch Filipino Champ to get an idea for start of round Magnus stuff.


Basically with Magneto there are some characters start of round where you better either be right next to them getting a throw/H attack hit confirm ready or jump backwards to get ready to air dash out and get something going later after you get away. Remember you can walk or regular jump in whatever direction possible with those options before the round starts so use that for positioning advantage before FIGHT appears on screen.

These are markers for all of the starts to every round. This should help you pin point different ways to start the round. You’ll notice that he goes back and forth between moving forward (usually if Infrit moves forward) or moving back them jumping backwards and setting up missiles + projectiles to get spacing set up.

1st watch?v=_ayCjjteF-w#t=06s

2nd watch?v=_ayCjjteF-w#t=2m17s

3rd watch?v=_ayCjjteF-w#t=5m32s

4th watch?v=_ayCjjteF-w#t=8m12s

5th watch?v=_ayCjjteF-w#t=10m15s

6th watch?v=_ayCjjteF-w#t=13m49s

7th watch?v=_ayCjjteF-w#t=17m30s

8th watch?v=_ayCjjteF-w#t=20m50s

The main way to get people into a mix up is to force them to deal with something that’s difficult to deal with even when pushblocked. Basically using your magnetic blasts (air u,uf,f+atk) in conjunction with your assists is the best way to get this set up. If you can get them to block a magnetic blast that can set up the advantage you need to have your assist land on them which they can’t pushblock you away from and then get mix ups into damage. You’re basically just trying to get them pinned down with one or the other or both.

With hidden missiles this can even work even if you’re in a situation where you get hit as long as the missiles fall down. watch?v=_ayCjjteF-w#t=10m21s

In that he enacts a fuzzy guard situation off the missiles that Infrit’s Nova was forced to block. Essentially you do a high/low mix up then immediately j.L after they block the low so their hit box is forced to stay standing. This makes it so essentially the overhead is harder to block since you can enact the overhead much faster than if they were in a typical correct crouched position. This is a very scary mix up since you can’t use your crouch box to give you extra time to react to the overhead. Magneto can just throw his foot at you from the top of his air dash and you have to block even though you are holding crouch.

Landing the first hit in this game is very important even with XF3 because you have more options with XF1+2 characters than XF3. Especially since the welcome mix up you receive from the next character coming in is important towards killing off the team before they can get shit started. Domino effect etc. The start of the round is the most important footsie you’ll make in the match so make it count.


It’s a tough idea to explain, but the basic idea behind offense in Marvel is to only attack when you’re at an advantage.

Make them block your assists… you have great assists for that.


Use airdashes. Alot. like whenever they arent doing something that covers the space your in, air dash over there and start using guard-breaks and assists to start wreaking havoc on their team. If they are a keep away character use your beams and projectiles to try to stand a chance. And when they make a mistake (which they will, nobody can chip you out a whole game without making an error), capitalize on it. Move to a place where its hard for you to get them. As a dedicated arthur player, staying at superjump height is the worst thing ever. And yes, Arthur actually has good normals. Weird, right? But he actually can do something up close.


Are you playing online? If so,



Wow guys! Thanks so much! :slight_smile: Especially DevilJin 01, i’m going to study those matches and see how i can improve! :slight_smile: You guys are great!


call ammy assist, Go for high lows with mags or tridash all around em when they locked down by ammy… You can do the same with doom and ammy.

Frustrate them with doom missiles calls and magnetic blasts and go in.

Just make sure your calls are at good times, good distances and covered so you don’t get blown up. For example call missiles after they super jump is a safe assist call, or call em right after they have called their assist to avoid any mishaps. You need to get in the lab and spend an hour knowing when and where you need to and should be callin your assists.

Your problem seems to be that you like to block and go for punishes, but honestly thats the worst way to play marvel… avoid their nonsense and make em attempt to block your nonsense is the way you need to play.


Don’t attack unless you have the advantage.

Don’t have the advantage? Reset and re-engage, if you don’t have the advantage in Marvel then there is a good chance you’re already half way into the opponent’s setup and you’re about to be opened.