Getting in with Cody while keeping them out



Alright so I’ve recently started playing Cody quite a bit but im having some issues.

I can do his combos no problem but a lot of combos start with Cody’s jumping HK or HP. I realize jumping is probably the worst thing to do so I try to avoid this using his tools to cause knockdowns and then use his cross-ups, overheads and his command normals.

I find if im just going in with a f-MP or s.LP/c.LP everyone stuffs my attacks. I can block moves and counter with c.LK xx CU to score the knockdown but I find im doing this constantly and not scoring any other of his solid combos/Frame traps.

That and the fact that if I get knocked down myself im pretty much left to either block correctly or burn a meter on EX zonk can anyone give me some decent options for going in / keep people off? I feel that Cody plays great when he can do things but its like he gets suffocated by everyone else out there.


Safe jumps. On knockdown, Cody can do meaty safe j.HK or j.HP. Also against characters who may have bad anti-airs it isn’t exactly a -bad- idea to jump in with Cody. Landing a jump-in with Cody leads to retarded damage, but getting caught usually = a knockdown on your part. So jump in sparingly.

If your f.MP is getting stuffed then you’re not spacing it properly or you’re using it against the wrong footsies (i.e. Ken’s Great ways from what I’ve noticed to land frame traps are from things such as:

  • Safe jumps with meaty j.RH or j.FP
  • st.FP on their wake-up
  • Cross into st.MP or st.FP
  • CU FADC st.FP
  • close cr.jab,, or

Going In: Usually determined by timing and depends on the character you’re playing. Cody can be really aggressive against some characters (Cody mirror, Abel, Rufus (no meter) ) while other times he has to be a bit more cautious (Akuma). IMO, your best bet with Cody in “going in” is to push players into the corner. That means zoning with rocks and not letting them jump past you with anti-airs. An “aggressive” Cody is a wall that slowly pushes the character into the corner and abuses any chance of using frame traps. Once the player stops jumping then footsies come into play. Proper use of, sweep,, and his dash are all great tools for “going in”.

Keeping People Off: Anti-air. buffered into CU for ground. But on knockdown your best bet is to just block. Trying to EX Zonk your way out on wake-up rarely works since most players are doing setups to bait and punish it. Tough it out and block until you get that tick grab reset.


Thanks! When it comes to the spacing of f. MP where should I be? I just need an in so if I can understand the spacing that would really help.


You want to get as close as possible for your frame traps to really be a threat. f+MP is just a means to work your way in. As for f+MP max range, it’s something around Ryu’s c.MK range.