Getting in with Viper

I just can never get in with Viper! I have some damn nasty combos but can never initiate them and I look like an ass. My team looks like this


What are some ways that you Viper players get to your opponent? Especially if they are sitting like a bitch in the corning zoning you out?

So far I’ve tried cancelling fire kicks and air dashes with doom assist (plasma beam) but that’s it.

Edit: Man I’m getting a lot better now. Getting used to the online and finding out a lot by player many players rather than just my friend. People never seem to expect me to jump away then air dash right back at them. All I need to do now is add my Doom plasma beam assist and Strider Vajra assist to help combos

You know what is funny. Answers to that question(Getting in with Viper) make up a good portion of the MVSC3 C viper Thread
Here are a couple simple short tips to help you on your way

1.Master Viper’s zoning game
Viper’s zoning game can be cumbersome and awkward for a newcomer but she actually has the tools to keep up with characters who have powerful zoning capabilities.Here are your options
a. Siesmo game
Siesmos are in fact one of the fastest long range moves in the game.
They do have the weakness though of appearing in only a certain portion of the screen and are only good to toss out if you know they are going to hit the opponent.
but if you hit someone with a siesmo ever on block you have options
. You can Super jump forward right after the siesmo and then air dash forward down to travel forward
. you can FADC forward (See gottnoskill’s tutorial on FADCing on his youtube channel
. you can do rapid siesmos

b. Optic Blast
This is handy, a lot more handy than I though it would be
you can mostly use it to hit assists or to hit someoen when a siesmo wont catch

2.EX Moves
Viper’s defining mechanic
Contary to popular belief these are the best ways to spend meter with viper

a. Ex Siesmo
The Best move in the game hands done
it may cost one meter but it is an invincible reversal move that is safe on block.
Not to mention you can combo after it.
Or if it is blocked you get a free mix up
It is a stupid stupid move and will probably get nerfed someday.

b. EX Thunder Kuckle
This move has loads of durability so it will blow through most projectilies

c.EX Burning Kick
Combo move with some invinciblity
I never use it outside of combos

I will write more later because I have to go wash my car
Bye and good luck

EX BK doesn’t actually have any invulnerability. It just has a huge hitbox and comes out in like 5 frames or something silly like that.

I don’t really recommend it outside of combo extension as you can combo off normal BK’s just fine and you save the meter.

Thanks a lot! I have mostly been using Optic laser/doom assist to try and get in.

EX Thunder Knuckle is super useful too. Never thought of using Seismos for some weird reason?
I had no idea EX Seismo was so good heh. I guess I’m going to go practice in player matches!

Have fun washing your car xD

I can’t remember the last time I had trouble getting in from someone who’s looking to chip. I’ve just come to fight fire with fire instead of going head first and getting messed up. Viper has the best ground game hands down, so you should come to learn her seismo and movement game fully. Those who zone want you to come in and make a mistake. They want you to take that chip damage. Don’t be like everyone else and get mad after blocking their zoning 3 or 4 times to go all in. Do not play their game. Learn to avoid what they’re doing and work around it. People don’t realize in this game they have a whole round to figure it out if they just block or avoid what they’re doing. Let them move themselves into a corner and/or take advantage of 3/4 of the screen range for seismo. It makes her a bitch to deal with. Not to mention she’s got optic laser…

In this game you get hit once and you will be dead if its a good player. Especially with Viper life. She can get in just like the best of them and she effectively has 4 double jumps (if you count bk feints) So getting in shouldn’t be an issue. The biggest problem i see with Viper players is they try too hard to tri-dash in and use their normals and are hasty to use EX.TK because of its priority and honestly that move is a gimmick. Canceling out into a EX.BK is an even bigger gimmick and waste of meter. It will work on those who are unsure of the options, but those who know can block it can get a free ground throw (EX.BK -1 on block) These moves should be used sparingly. EX.Seismo is your best option and is unstoppable at mid-range. Make them scared of it. Learn to combo off of it. It is a lot harder than the other EX.Moves but if you learn the situations its not that difficult. Don’t let yourself get into a rhythm and become obvious either. The most dreadful thing you see with Viper players is they don’t play smart and being smart with Viper is being patient and understanding opportunities.

In most cases now my zoning (in a non laggy match) is good enough that I don’t have to worry about trying to get in. Just let them do the damage to themselves by stepping on one of your seismo’s. They’ll get the picture that their zoning isn’t working and then you’ll have them in their own game.


Oh yeah I forgot. Any Viper players not using Super jump forward heavy BK’+assist to keep her safe should experiment with it. I abuse the crap out of this and this is my newest most retarded way of getting a random hit from mid-screen and converting into a 850k combo + Whatever DHC damage.

I seriously want this stickied as mandatory reading: Working Overtime: The C.Viper Technical Thread I would rather have that information than any of her combos, unblockable set ups, damage output etc. Her neutral game is what breaks her.