Getting in with X-23?



I’m having a hard time trying to get in against some characters mainly Hulk and Spencer.

Once I’m in and I get my combos in and keep up my momentum then I don’t have a problem, but once I lose momentum and they keep the gap big and then I have a hard time getting in because they have ways of stopping me such as Spencer’s zip line or Hulk’s gamma charge stuff.

I’m using Talon Attack M and H to close the distance, Neck Slice H, and even the command throw fully charged if they’re not paying attention. I use Crescent Scythe L xx Talon Attack L loop as a block string/frame trap.

Are there other moves or other ways to get in against characters like these?

Team: X-23 with B assist, Doom with A assist, Nova with B assist.


Wall Jump. It’s a great move and it’s probably a lot safer to use than Talon M for getting in. Then again, if you’re calling Doom’s beam at the same time then there should be no issues there. She has one of the fastest wave dashes in the game, but against Hulk you might want to be careful so that you aren’t rushing into an assist+gamma stuff.

For Spencer I like to throw him out of zipline dash, but usually the smarter ones will cover it with an assist and that could be a problem if you don’t time your throw correctly.


Okay thanks a lot, I’ll try using wall jump in my game much more. What about Mirage Feints? Are those viable too? Like using an ABC block string cancelled into Mirage Feint M to get behind them and hopefully cause a mixup?


Call some type of projectile assist before you do that unless you want to get hit or thrown during the feint. Call assist M or H talon attack is really good also.


Extremely lengthy, but here’s a write-up I did on getting in:

Alternatively, here’s our very own Deviljin’s tutorial: [SIZE=12px][FONT=tahoma]…0&feature=plcp[/FONT][/SIZE]


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