Getting into 3s

Hey all,

I’m a competitive Smash Bros. player from NorCal, and I’m looking to pick up some of the Capcom games, mainly 3S and MvC2. I’ve played 3S quite a few times in arcades and on emulators at home, but I’ve never really gotten to a level that’s good enough for competition.

I’m not a complete noob at the game. I play Ken, and I know how to combo and chain into supers relatively well, but I want to start learning more of the advanced techs, like cancels and kara-throws, to get my game up to a decent competitive level.

Can you guys give me some tips or suggestions to help me get my feet off the ground?

Thanks a lot. I really want to enter in 3S along with Smash at EvoX.

Stop playing that stupid Nintendo party game.

Seriously…there’s a lot of stuff you can learn just by reading the character strategy threads and watching vids. I’d say about half of the stuff I learned in the game I learned just by watching. Vids are good…yet you understand better what goes on in vids when you read about it as well. Do a little bit of both and try to ask more specific questions. The more specific your questions are…the better you’ll learn. Try to pick up stuff on your own first and get more specific with the questions later. That’s the best way to learn IMO. Experiment and then solidify by asking questions in detail and learning from mistakes in competitive play. Strategies are pretty character specific in 3S any ways. Since you’re learning Ken you might as well dabble in the Ken thread and watch some Ken vids (there’s a ton I think).

somebody link him to the 3s tutorial vids I’m too lazy.

Watch Ken match vids, and just try to learn some of the cool stuff you see along the way. If you see a link thats new to you, learn it. If you are having trouble with something, or don’t understand why x player did something, ask on here. There are some knowledgeable people. No one can give you a general road map from nooby to whatever you want to be, you just gotta start learning stuff on your own as you see it.

Play the game.

A lot.

Learn Ken’s basic combos at home otherwise, and try and incorporate what you see in match videos into your game when you play a lot.

There’s been like 5 threads asking this same question in the past 2 months, if you look for those threads you should be able to find some good videos to get you started.

Bashing one game is not a good way to get someone in to another.

This line is confusing though:

Cancels are part of combos, so I have no idea what you’re talking about. Kara-throws are generally unnecessary unless you’re playing Chun’, Q or Elena. They’re useful for a couple other characters like Akuma, but you don’t ‘need’ them.

You need to ask more specific questions like DevilJin said for anyone to really help you out. Watch videos, and watch carefully what the people are doing. Simple things like spacing can be very important. Try to get in to the heads of the people playing.

For example, try to see ‘why’ someone gets hit by something that seems obvious and easy to avoid like a jump-in on wake-up. Often, they were expecting some kind of mix-up, and occasionally they just messed up a parry.

^ Comprehensive starting guide for non character specific information. Applicable for nearly all the characters. This covers cancels, reversals, super cancels, joystick tactics.

  • Tech? you mean parry. Tap Forward a possible hit at the last second of an incoming attack instead of blocking. Sounds dead simple, doesn’t it? Parrying takes up practice. Kara-throws as well.
    Probably you should start to get familiar with Ken’s moves (normals, specials, supers, taunts) first. The range, the speed, and the priority of them all.

I didn’t bash 3rd Strike. He can play 2nd Impact if he wants to.

There’s nothing wrong with Smash Brothers, I find it to be quite entertaining to be honest.

I think there is a confusion going on here.

Kyokuji thinks DevilJin was bashing Smash Bros, but DevilJin was just joking.

DevilJin thinks Kyokuji thinks Deviljin was bashing 3rd Strike.

Yeah…I dont mind the game and I think it adds a fresh touch the Evo. I dont like it but I dont want it removed from Evo or nuttin.

Oh and yeah…I’m playing my SRK mind games again. Both of my previous posts were complete jokes based on other posts.

Ok, so apparently I am a noob :sweat:. I thought combos were getting 3 or 4 counts on the in game combo meter, but after watching more vids of Daigo and Alex Valle, I see that there’s a lot more to canceling and combos than I thought. I was technically linking, not comboing.

I’m no stranger to the importance of spacing, unpredictability, and mindgames, so things like that can transfer over.

I do have a couple questions though…

I don’t see pros doing many air attacks, is that because they’re easy to punish?

I’ve never seen a helicopter kick from Daigo or Alex, are those bad to use in competitive play, or does the opportunity to use it come very rarely.

Also, I’ve been trying to use Ken’s other throws, but I can only seem to get the normal throw out. I can never get the forward throw or the back throw. Every time I tilt forward/backward and throw, I either get a normal throw, or a short. Any way to fix this?

You’re just more predictable and have less options when you’re in the air. Ground game is important in any SF game. Actually jumping is a bit more safe in this game than it is in other SF games but generally jumping is still not that safe. Can’t do poke strings, tick throws or set up for links to supers when you’re in the air. You should really only jump when the opponent is already knocked on the floor or you know you’re in a position where you’re not going to get punished.

Just remember when you jump you commit to a certain amount of time where you can’t block. Same goes with dashing. You should never do it unless you’re sure you won’t need to block.

There are better games to get into than 3S, look around and try a bunch of others before you settle on it.

But nobody plays VF.

Unfortunately…it’s a good game.

So yeah…throw some Threes on dat bitch. Alpha 2 is cool too.

To be honest with you, I’ve played just about every fighter, including VF5 (which is good) Tekken (which I hate), Guilty Gear, and the other SF games, and I like Third Strike the best out of all of them. Though Smash will always be my main fighter (even though you SRK people don’t think it’s a fighter), I would like to have more than one game under my belt. 3S, along with Marvel, seems like the most fun.

I get raped every time I play online with MAME, so I guess that’s a good place to practice against other people to improve.

I’m using a keyboard, and I was wondering which if a stick is better to use for a beginner. I can get a stick easy, so it’s no problem.

ANYTHING is better than using a keyboard, d00d:bgrin:
Srsly, if you can get a stick, GET IT! Use it! Learn to play! Even a joypad would be an upgrade in your case.

My 5 cents: Anything but keyboard.