Getting into Blazblue

I’ve been playing Fighting Games for quite awhile and I’ve become very interested in the Blazblue games. Before this I have played SF, Tekken, and marvel and I’d like to know where to start. I’ve been playing on my PSP with the stylish layout to bust through story mode but now I want to switch over to technical and get it on the 360 so I can play on a stick. Any tips on where to start from here? I’ve been experimenting with many characters but I’d like to know who are easy to use and also I’d like some help with the mechanics of the game.

This is guaranteed to work.

I’d recommend you check out, which is a site dedicated (primarily) to Arc System Works games. You’ll probably find answers to all of your questions in sticky threads and such.

One thing I learned is to figure out the proper way to recover when you get hit. With good players, you will NOT touch the ground for a really long time. I’ve been perfected multiple times. Once their string finally ends, you need to know which way to recover to keep from eating another chain, which will kill you. Think of it like Marvel, except the execution is a lot more demanding and you don’t have multiple characters to lose.

Also, don’t worry about doing those long combos. Learn one or two BnB’s that do about 4-5 hits and learn to chain your supers. Slowly incorporate the other game systems in and try them out. Don’t be like me and get upset because you can’t do a 12-hit trial or something. Just be happy with an ABC -> Special combo to start.

If you’re starting, use Jin. He’s cheap and has the moves you’re used to from other games. Ragna is good for beginners, but his health is really low, and he has no projectile, so you might have an easier time with Jin. Bare in mind I am a terrible fighting game player. There might be some good advice in what I said. Maybe.

Arcsys’ main games are more about mindgames than marvel. They also don’t have pushblock, so block pressure is a much bigger deal.

I’m going from a GG perspective here.Some of the same stuff is there with a different name or is altered.

You need to take your fundamentals, and then learn how to create an air game with them, for one thing. You aren’t just thinking about covering the space in front of you with a fireball because there are more angles to come from.

Moves have really unique properties in BB. Some moves have magnetism --> Tager, while others will poison or give you other status effects like curse.

Characters don’t really follow traditional moveset archetypes. I.E. there are some new ideas in this series.

Character rundown from what little I know :

The nerfed eddy that looks like noface- Arakune. (the “poison type pokemon” of the group)
Zoners: Nu family of robotic cutlery dispensers of doom, Rachel.
The mid tier that does a lot of damage but doesn’t have a projectile- Hakumen
The Sol Badguy knockoff that went from top to bottom tier in a month-Ragna
Ultimate top tier troll character that can guard break with 1 button- Hazama
The loli that managed to be more annoying than may (and is high tier… grrr)- Platinum
Team Talbain/ werewolf slayer- Butler guy
The “balance type” that looks like a cross between Marth and Ky-Jin.
Top tier boxing squirrel- Makoto (has some of Dudley’s moves like cross counter)
What happened when Potemkin went to college and became mastar of magnet (PH.D)- Tager (REAL SOVIET DAMAGE!!)

-Barrier block is important and very useful. Instant Block takes a bit of time to learn, but it can also be extremely useful
-Bursts shouldn’t be used too often unless they hit you with a fatal attack which results in extra lost health
-You have to learn how to stay at a mid distance with your opponent when you are not actively in his/her face. Negative penalty will mess you up if you get touched
-Jabs reduce the damage of your combos greatly, but hit confirms are worth it
-Ragna, Tager and Jin are good starters. Ragna might make you a bit lazy though. Carl and Rachel require extra execution that you may not be ready for
-Other solid/challenging characters include Tao & Bang, but they don’t have good meterless answers to pressure like Ragna, Litchi and other characters with DPs

Some basic stuff. Folks may disagree with me on the character bits, but it’s what I’ve come to notice. Don’t sweat it if you can’t do every mission for BlazBlue. You should focus on resets once you get to combos that do 3.5K+. Big combos can be learned in depth a little later imo.

Fake edit: I may or may not be right about Tao on the meterless pressure issue, but she is still good regardless. Don’t sweat it too much. Most characters in this game compete just fine. You don’t really need to tier whore in this game to make it far.

Not trying to be dick or anything, but this is really misleading and flat out wrong in many places if we are talking about CSEX.

Just get your combos and confirms down and then start playing people, online or offline. You’ll pick it up soon enough

I’ve always been attracted to the main character when first picking up a game so I started with Ragna. As for combos I’ve been doing fairly simple things such as St.B, Cr.B, St.C, Cr.C, St.D->special as It seems similar to chain systems in Darkstalkers and Marvel. But I need ways to Incorporated supers and I find it that I forget many mechanics that become useful later such as barrier guard and rapid cancel.

Also been watching combo vids and tutorials and I feel a bit overwhelmed…

The game has built in challenge trials to get you used to the character’s basics, you gotta start with those to understand the character’s combo theory.

Ragna is a pretty complete character, with all the tools needed to win. He struggles a bit against zoning but he is devastating once he gets in. He has amazing normals(long range poke, anti air, decent overhead that leads to big combos) and he’s not too hard to pickup so he’s a good beginner choice. Plus he’s top tier in the latest rendition of the game so you really can’t go wrong

The only way to get better is to play. Practice combos, learn setups, watch videos of top players, understand what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, why it’s working or not, and then play the game against people to hone all your theoretical knowledge into practical skill.

Trials are so annoying on the PSP :(.

Not gonna lie, a lot of them are really hard, generally starting from trial 7 upwards. You gotta work on getting that sort of execution down though, this isn’t Marvel

what game do you play?

edit: snip.

tager is still an educated russian potemkin who is mastar of magnet.
hakumen is still jin after he got rid of his ne-san complex and learned to do damage
Makoto is still a boxing squirrel
Valk is pretty much the baby of talbain and slayer.
that entire character section was essentially full of joke descriptions if you didn’t notice. humor on the internets? I SAY, CHAP, WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO? tea sip

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get some thumb ointment and a console version.

Indeed they are. I find that a lot of the trials are a good place to figure out which moves chain and combo into other moves the best, but a lot of those combos aren’t necessarily as useful once you start playing the game for real. What I’ll do is sometimes using only parts of the trial mode combos more useful than actually using the entire combo. For example, you might use just use Jin’s cr.D->Super by themselves rather than ONLY using it after 6C.

I also second what Keres said about going to Dustloop. That place has an amazing amount of info on BlazBlue and Guilty Gear as well as links to some good tutorial vids.

Humor aside, your descriptions of the the tier placements was far from accurate. I don’t really think it is right to mislead someone trying to get into Blazblue, where unintentionally or otherwise. While I am sure the OP laughed at your post’s flavor interpretations, I am sure he could have better utilized accuracy beside humor.

Planning on it, my execution would be better on a stick but that’s no excuse. So i take it that pokes are very important right?