Getting into Fgc(umvc3) feeling like I'm stuck! Help!


Hey SRK!

Im getting into fighting games and I’ve chosen umvc3 to get into. Ive been putting in decent time in the training room get aquainted with my teams moves(currently skrull, stange, dorm) and learning a few combos. Ive played alot with my buddy whos learning the game to. But just today i played against someone who just spammed two moves, not even any fancy movement, he just spammed Swiss cheese and hulks overhead and that was it and i couldnt take a match off of him. It was so frustrating like all this time i put into the game and i havent gotten any better than button mashing. It made me feel like i don’t know the game at all. What advice can you give me about practicing right or understanding the game or anything! All help is appreciated!! And if there’s anyone that can offer some dr strange advice that’d be great. I watched a few tutorials on him but i still dont know how to zone well play defense well or get out of pressure. Thanks!


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Find someone offline to play, or find friends online to run sets with.

Team/char questions can be asked in the UMvC3 forum.


What assists you use on your characters? I could try help out because I’ve had the same problems against Hulk and Wolverine in the past


This is exactly the kind of post we don’t need in the Newbie Section. You have been warned.


Currently I’m rocking stone smite on skrull, either EoA or Bolts on strange, and dark hole on dorm. And thanks I’ll head over to character forums.


I’d say if you have Dorm with Dark Hole, then stick with Bolts for Strange. The tip with against Hulk is to play keep away with him with prohectiles and bait him into using his j.H overhead. Block that then he’s then easy to punish.

According to the Wolverine you faced, he sounds pretty crappy if all he does is spam Swiss Cheese. Wolverine is easily punishable when he spams Swiss Cheese, so I guess you make use of your teleports and play a keep away game like you would against Hulk.

Also some basic tips is to not spam assists. Black hole and Bolts leave Dorm/Strange open long enough to be punished and also Mission mode give out basic combos, they’re not the best combos but it does help to get a feel for the game.

As for Skrull, I can’t really help you since I don’t play him sorry.

Its a good idea to follow what <Insert Name Here> said, you should check out the UMvC3 thread. Hope the advice helps


Do you play any other fighting games? This is old knowledge, but in order to get out of the “button mashing” mindset that Marvel seems to incite, it might be best to train yourself in a game like Street Fighter (Super Turbo perferred, but SF4 works too). A slower, more deliberately paced game will force you to slow down the way you play, allowing you to focus on the attack-block-throw model that pretty much all fighting games are built around.

Button mashing isn’t specific to MvC3 by any means, however, fast games like the versus series, Blaz Blue, etc… encourage it since you can aimlessly dash around and “just do stuff” and see results without being punished hard, at least at a beginner level. Once you train yourself to press buttons with intention—where every move and button press has a purpose—you’ll be manhandling scrubs in no time. Fundamentals first, as always.

My explanation was just a quick gloss-over, but check out this guide for a pretty solid guide on fundamentals:

Once you get your fighting game basics down, apply them to Marvel by learning your characters ins and outs such as normal properties (frames, hitboxes, etc) and when to use particular special moves. Check the character forums for this stuff and watch lots of match footage from top players.


First of all it isn’t spam. He read that you cant defend against those moves, so get into training room and learn to counter those two moves,


Here’s some Marvel 2 tech that will help you out if you want to be good. I’m not going to debate this. I can clarify anything you find unclear though…

Learn the top teams first:
People will tell you a bunch of bullshit about not needing to play top tier and some other anime believe in yourself bullshit. Learn the top teams, at least at a basic level so that you know how to play the game. A morrigan team will teach you how difficult it is to “spam” and how to do it correctly. A zero team will show you the importance of neutral and execution. A vergil anchor will teach you about comeback factor and saving XF. A wolvie team will teach you about the start of the match and early XF. Through all the top tier teams, you’ll learn how the different assists work and what the advantages and disadvantages of each assist are.

Learning the teams does not mean becoming tournament ready with all the teams:
You don’t have to learn the teams to the point where you can place in a tournament, just learn the bnb’s of the team and an incoming mix up or two. Ray Ray level hit confirms and F Champ level max damage combos can be saved for you main and secondary/alternate teams. You’re going to have to put in the work to learn lightning loops, soul fist pressure and the other stuff, but you only need enough consistency to play friendlies. The goal of playing with these teams is to learn how the game is played from each team’s perspective and to learn how losing is caused. Example; the one game where you somehow hit all your lightning loops, will most likely be a victory where as every time you drop them you still get some random mix up in the corner but you won’t always take the victory. You’ll also learn how weak zero is if you don’t have decent neutral. Another example that you’ll learn is how much work and execution you need to soul fist properly. You’ll also learn how quickly you’ll lose morrigan if you can’t keep someone out or if they cross you up/under and mix up your inputs. A final example is learning how effective wolverine is at the start of the round and with doom beam, but how weak he can get if your opponent gets away from you or if they kill your beam asssist.

Once you have a decent idea of how the best teams work (BY ACTUALLY PLAYING THEM,) you can create your own team (you already have a team, but maybe it will change for the better.) You’ll be able to understand the weaknesses and strengths of the team you create. That will help you create alternate versions of your team for certain match ups or you may even decide to create completely different secondary teams for bad/impossible match ups…

The reason you need to learn the tops while the older players don’t is because the game evolved around them and they got to learn the meta along with the community. With out having played during the evolution, the easiest way to get caught up is to experience the efficiency of the top teams and to understand losses incurred from incorrect play or poor execution of the proper game plan.

Even though you are learning the top teams for the purpose of bettering you personal team, you don’t have to ignore your team. Split your time so that you play the top teams and then play your team with the insight learned from the tops. It may sound complex, but it can be as simple as just starting with the tops, then when you get tired, switching to your team and having some fun…

If you want to be good, put in the time. If you just want to play, just play, but don’t complain about the losses…


Thanks everyone for the advice! So helpful! I picked up the fighting game primer that was suggested and have basically switched over to usfiv and I’m hooked on that now, learning Ryu.